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Social is changing. Where Elon and Zuck’s billionaire ego battles are the least of your worries, staying ahead can be daunting. From Meta to X, TikTok to Reddit, it’s a whirlwind out there. We’re here to help you slice through the noise and make waves with purpose. Let’s disrupt, not just participate.

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Blending show-stopping creative with analytic precision

Social media’s power in fuelling brand growth is undeniable, and the old playbook of posting three times a day with lacklustre content just doesn’t cut it anymore. It’s a world where every post, like every penny, counts towards tangible growth for your brand.

Our strategy isn’t about dusting off old tactics; it’s about getting to the core of your business. We’re all about relentless testing and smart budget use to ensure not just growth, but growth that genuinely makes a difference. It’s not just posting; it’s posting with purpose.

Organic Social

Create a vibrant and engaging social presence with our bespoke organic strategies that engage your audience.

Facebook Ads

Harness the vast potential of Facebook with customized ads designed to create meaningful connections and drive tangible results.

Instagram Ads

Elevate your brand's visual storytelling with Instagram ads that blend creativity with precision targeting for maximum engagement.

TikTok Ads

Dive into the dynamic world of TikTok with our innovative ad campaigns that capture the platform's unique rhythm and viral potential.

Audit & Strategy

Gain a strategic edge with our in-depth audits and bespoke planning, ensuring your social media efforts are finely tuned for optimal performance.

Social Media Consultancy

Boost your brand’s digital presence by keeping a team of social media consultants in your back pocket.

A partnership beyond the ordinary


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Our partnership goes way beyond what you’d expect from a run-of-the-mill social agency. We’re all about the big picture – not just quick wins but nurturing your brand’s long-term, sustainable growth. Like a fine wine; it gets better with time.

It’s deeper than just how many thumbs-up your posts get. We’re here to understand and align with your company’s long-term goals, working hand-in-hand to achieve substantial and lasting growth. For us, success is being so in sync with your business that we finish each other’s… sentences.

We build your team with the ideal blend of skills and expertise to fulfil your growth ambitions. From day one, we’re not just part of your business; we’re part of your brand’s inner circle. This allows us to create social media strategies that are not only effective but also resonate with the heart and soul of your brand.

  • +165%

    Instagram Reach



    Madame F

    Building brand identity on Instagram and engaging the LGBTQ+ community

  • 5 Million

    Facebook + Instagram Reach

  • +17%

    E-commerce Sales

  • Work the World

    Work the World

    Boosting leads for travel education industry amidst pandemic restrictions.

  • +100%

    Trade Volume

  • The warmest team to work with who take the time to understand our brand's needs. Working with them across SEO, PPC and Paid Social has been a pleasure.

    Daisy Plowright

    Daisy Plowright

    E-Commerce Manager, Davines UK

  • The designers and creative team are brilliant, they come up with incredible designs and the whole team were very flexible in their approach to the changing campaign.

    Aisling Brown

    Aisling Brown

    Marketing Manager, Madame F

  • My most recent team has been quite phenomenal. Lauren and Marie do a superb job of creating fulfilling content and visually beautiful monthly social media calendars.

    Miel de Botton

    Miel de Botton

    Music Artist, Miel de Botton

  • I have worked with Louie and Marie for just under 6 months and their ongoing support on PPC & Social is invaluable. They are always super happy to help with any questions, however large or small!

    Ada Cooper

    Ada Cooper

    Ecommerce & Paid Media Coordinator, Mooncup

  • Seed have been incredibly easy to work with. Our Paid Social activity is performing the best it ever has, yet they are constantly seeking new ways to improve.

    Carol Bolger

    Carol Bolger

    Head of Marketing, Work the World

Our Social Specialists

Alessandra Goward

Design Specialist

We do good business, by default.

Alongside our commercial and growth ambitions, we are driven by doing more good in the world. As a for-profit company, we’re on a mission to build an agency that contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Transparency Impact Report


70+ charity days for our team per year.


6% of net profits pledged to charity, guaranteed.


Monthly contributions to 28+ rewilding projects.