My second week at Seed in BIMA Next Generation Digital Leaders Programme

Maisie Franklin

Maisie Franklin

November 22, 2023

5 mins read

My second week at Seed in BIMA Next Generation Digital Leaders Programme

Today is the end of my second week at Seed – marking the halfway point of my apprenticeship. I thought that in honour of this sad but exciting news I would share a bit about what I learned and took part in this week.

As the week has flown by, I have felt more and more settled. I feel comfortable with the work I have been given, communicating with the team and figuring out how to use new systems. Whenever I feel stuck there is always someone around to ask and everyone is more than happy to help me out. This has made me feel so welcomed and not afraid to ask any questions!

I have attended important meetings, completed many solo tasks, had one on one sessions and also done some online learning. I can’t go into everything so I have noted some of the things I have taken part in and also learned  in more detail!

What tasks have I participated in this week?

Ad Copy

I had the opportunity to work on some ad copy with one of the very helpful Seedlings for a PPC client, Benjamin. I looked at Google Trends and keyword planner to identify the most relevant and frequently searched phrases. I had prepared myself for this task because I have been completing online learning modules in PPC, going to meetings with the PPC team, and doing keyword research. I got to put what I had learned into action whilst gaining hands-on experience in ad copy! I feel confident with how it works and I feel like I could be trusted doing this alone. I am thrilled that I was able to understand this and then apply it.

Content Writing for a client

Continuing on from last week’s keyword planner task identifying frequently searched words and phrases for a content writing task, the client confirmed what I had researched and put together, giving the articles the go ahead!

I was really happy with this news and I even received a shoutout in the good news section of Seed’s Slack! I have started writing the blog post, doing research into the topic whilst keeping in mind the keywords. This task has been great fun, as I have pushed past the dyslexic writing barriers I have put up, allowing me to embrace my love of writing!

What have I found interesting whilst learning?

Tracking Conversion

Tracked Conversions are a valuable tool when it comes to optimising campaigns. Conversions are the specific actions that we want website visitors to take when they click on our site, this could be making a purchase or submitting a form. You can put a conversion tracking code on the confirmation page in order to track how many conversions there are.

Here, we can precisely measure and analyse the number of conversions and make amendments to the campaigns if things are not working. I feel confident that I understand this and it is also helpful  for my personal use. I want to make sure that I add a conversion on my own website! I found this pretty useful and interesting!

Keyword Match Types

If you’re paying per click for a very generic term, and loads of people search it, you are less likely to appear high up in the SERP (Search Engine Results Page) because it is more competitive. This is where match types come in. They are useful because they provide you with more control over your ad targeting. By playing around with different match types you can get your ad in front of the right people, making it more relevant to their searches and improving how well your campaign performs overall. There is a broad match, phrase match and exact match. You can also use negative matches so that your ad does not appear in some search results.

Broad match gives you flexibility to appear in more search results pages because it allows your ads to match with more variations such as related searches and synonyms. it is not always good because it might make you show up in something that isn’t relevant to the person searching, so they may click and not make any conversions! If you put “ “ around your words, it makes it a phrase match, so you are more likely to appear in search results that are similar to that phrase, maybe with another word before or after. If you put your phrase in [ ] it makes your search an exact match. Your ad will only appear in searches that precisely match that keyword which gives you the highest level of control. This often reduces quantity but improves quality.

Round up conclusion

Overall, this second week at Seed has been a rewarding and enlightening experience. I have expanded my knowledge, tackled exciting tasks and pushed past personal barriers. The supportive environment and opportunities for growth have made this journey even more enjoyable and  I am eager to continue my apprenticeship developing new skills and make a meaningful impact!

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