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About Us

We’re not just your agency; we’re your partner.

We’re in it together for the long-term. Through thick and thin, celebrating the big wins and navigating your business through the challenges of digital.

At Seed, our mission is a simple one; to become your go-to team for your SEO, PPC and social media advertising. Quite simply, we want to be the best search and social marketing agency in the world. No exceptions, no excuses.

That means getting your website to the top of Google for the right keywords, driving high quality traffic to your website, and making more money from your SEO, PPC and Paid Social channels.

Like to know more? Simply pop us an email to or call our team on 01273 286 616.

Seed was built on the premise that nothing is impossible. No challenge too big. No idea too ambitious.


Meet the Seeds

We’re a bright group of fast-moving, absolutely-crazy-about-search-marketing experts. At Seed, we are dedicated to helping brands connect, communicate and better engage with their customers through smarter search and social marketing.

Robin Bush

Co-Founder & COO

Nick Stuart-Miller

Co-Founder & CEO

We want to feel like a key extension of your marketing team, working closely together as partners.

Working with us

We understand that every business is unique. Your challenges, your competition, your marketplace, your customers, your resources and your capabilities.

That’s why we don’t just deliver you a single out-of-the-box solution. That approach is dull and dated, and it just doesn’t work in today’s digital landscape. We listen to you. We get to know you business and your customers.

We tailor our support to your specific growth goals and challenges. You will always have full transparency on where the biggest potential sits for you and how your budget is invested with us.

Growing a culture of innovation

Digital moves fast. So, to stay at the top of our game we believe that continual learning and development is a must-have for digital marketing agencies.

So much so that we actively dedicate time each week, which we call Growth Days, to researching, learning and sharing new skills in digital. That’s 20% of our time each month dedicated to staying at the cutting edge of the industry.

This time allows us to stay ahead. We’re constantly improving our internal processes and developing smarter ways of helping your business grow through search engine marketing.

Happiness creates success

We truly believe that team happiness, fulfilment and purpose are the keys to success in business. That’s why we put our team’s wellbeing, professional development and happiness above all else.

It all starts with hard work. Put the hard work in and you will perform well. By trial and error, or simply nailing it on the first go. Hard work, grit and a great attitude will result in great performances.

Great performances creates a happy team. And a happy team will work incredibly hard for you, flourishing within the environment that you’ve created. Hard work equals great performances. Great performances equals happy people.

Happy people become fulfilled and work hard. And so, the cycle continues.

Let’s start the conversation

We love learning about new businesses and yours is no different! Leave us a message in the form below, or drop us a line on 01273 286 616


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