Diversity & Inclusion

In our recent 2023 salary analysis, the average salary of males working at Seed is at £33,473.51; while the average salary of females working at Seed is at £31,652.11.

This data shows a slight disparity. The difference between the average salaries is influenced by variations in experience levels. Currently, there is an uneven distribution of males and females in entry-level positions. We’ve also recently launched a transparent pay and progression scale, which promotes equal opportunities for growth.

Lowest earner compared to highest earner:

The percentage difference between the highest earner and lowest earner as of December 2023 is 170%. We have a salary cap in place to prevent this exceeding 260%.

Headcount Split

  • Females 53%
  • Males 47%

Salary Details

  • Average Male Salary £33,473.51
  • Average Female Salary £31,652.11
  • Mean Gap 5.4%
  • Median Gap 3.2%

Avg. Annual Salary Increase

  • Females 16.5%
  • Males 12.6%