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Social Media Consultancy Service

Sometimes you already have the means to execute your plans but just want an informed second opinion, and other times you don’t even know where to start. That’s where we come in.

With years of award-winning experience, our social media specialists will offer tailor-made paid social media consultancy services to help boost your social media presence across different platforms, be it for evergreen ad campaigns or seasonal brand campaigns.

Do You Need Social Media Consultancy?

It’s no secret that updates from Meta come in thick and fast. Remember when they changed the maximum attribution window from 28 days to 7 days? How about that time they introduced changes to the events manager following the iOS14 update? And don’t even get us started on all the changes that Instagram’s been going through lately…

Keeping abreast of these changes is essential to getting the most out of your organic social presence and paid social advertising. Knowing how to respond and when to respond can mean the difference between a well-optimised campaign with a healthy CPA and a campaign that’s stuck in learning and won’t even spend your budget.

As part of our social media agency services, we can keep you informed and equipped to face anything that Meta throws our way. We can have regular sessions where we don’t just talk about performance, but also the landscape at large and brainstorm for ways to move confidently ahead.

  • +165%

    Instagram Reach



    Madame F

    Building brand identity on Instagram and engaging the LGBTQ+ community

  • 5 Million

    Facebook + Instagram Reach

  • +17%

    E-commerce Sales

  • Work the World

    Work the World

    Boosting leads for travel education industry amidst pandemic restrictions.

  • +100%

    Trade Volume

Seed’s Social Media Consultancy Services

Nowadays it’s almost difficult to remember a time before social media, but in truth it’s a newer digital channel. Our social media experts have been active in the digital landscape since its inception and their wealth of experience means they understand why some businesses thrive while others struggle to survive online.

Working with a Social Media Consultancy Agency like Seed means that cross-service experience will be applied especially for you, with insights that would otherwise take years of costly time and expense to learn. We have our eyes on multiple industries, channels and mediums online – which means we’ll always keep you ahead of the curve whatever your niche.

  • The warmest team to work with who take the time to understand our brand's needs. Working with them across SEO, PPC and Paid Social has been a pleasure.

    Daisy Plowright

    Daisy Plowright

    E-Commerce Manager, Davines UK

  • The designers and creative team are brilliant, they come up with incredible designs and the whole team were very flexible in their approach to the changing campaign.

    Aisling Brown

    Aisling Brown

    Marketing Manager, Madame F

  • My most recent team has been quite phenomenal. Lauren and Marie do a superb job of creating fulfilling content and visually beautiful monthly social media calendars.

    Miel de Botton

    Miel de Botton

    Music Artist, Miel de Botton

  • I have worked with Louie and Marie for just under 6 months and their ongoing support on PPC & Social is invaluable. They are always super happy to help with any questions, however large or small!

    Ada Cooper

    Ada Cooper

    Ecommerce & Paid Media Coordinator, Mooncup

  • Seed have been incredibly easy to work with. Our Paid Social activity is performing the best it ever has, yet they are constantly seeking new ways to improve.

    Carol Bolger

    Carol Bolger

    Head of Marketing, Work the World

Our Social Team

Marie Dela Rosa

Senior Social Media Specialist

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