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Mooncup was created in 2002, producing the world’s first medical grade silicone menstrual cup. As the original menstrual cup, it was born out of a desire to drastically reduce the waste produced by throwaway sanitary products.

In 2020, amidst the global pandemic, Mooncup partnered up with Seed to strengthen its digital marketing presence, leveraging our expertise on PPC, SEO, and Paid Social. Having engaged our three main specialities, it enabled us to tackle the brand’s challenges and objectives with a unified strategy.

I have worked with Louie and Marie for just under 6 months and their ongoing support on PPC & Social is invaluable. They are always super happy to help with any questions, however large or small!

Ada Cooper

Ada Cooper

Ecommerce & Paid Media Coordinator

Project Team

Marie Dela Rosa

Senior Social Media Specialist


With paid social, there are two main challenges that we’ve had to address from a technical and creative standpoint:

  • As usage of the product demands a change of habit, the journey from awareness to conversion is longer than most e-commerce products
  • Once a customer has purchased, we expect little to no repeat purchase as that goes against the very idea of having only one menstrual cup to last for years

Add those challenges to the 2021 iOS 14 update that ended up compromising the quality of our target audience and our reporting – and we’ve had to rethink our strategy to determine the best way forward.

We restructured our social media campaigns with the purpose of simultaneously growing our prospecting and  remarketing campaigns. We used a mixture of objectives, allowing us to have a more holistic approach towards the platform.

As we updated the campaign structure, we also made sure that our creatives – that is, the copy and visuals – followed. We used a combination of assets that targeted key audience segments. Together with Mooncup’s internal marketing team, our paid social experts held a monthly brainstorming session to review performance and plan regular creative refresh.


This back-to-basics approach was key to getting Mooncup through this landscape-changing update, as well as keeping its ground amidst a highly competitive industry. It helped us rebuild our audiences while also allowing us to report on performance better.

Within 6 months of implementation the funnel strategy to Mooncups’ Paid Social campaigns, quarter-on-quarter performance showed great improvement.

  • 17% increase in purchases
  • 44% decrease in CPA
  • 57% increase in ROAS
  • 25% decrease in CPC
  • 21% increase in CTR

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