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The world of paid search is rapidly transforming and our specialist team is constantly experimenting and innovating to make sure we’re at the forefront of utilising new products and AI to drive sustainable growth for our clients. Interested in what we could do for your business?

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We take our platform expertise seriously.

We hold complete certifications and partnerships with Google and Bing ad platforms.

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We work smarter so we can dedicate time integrating ourselves as a part of your business.

The advent of AI and generative results search is upon us and we have quickly embraced these technologies so we’re not left behind in this digital revolution. Our team has utilised these tools into our everyday PPC practices to deliver better results in less time.

We use this extra time to get to know your business better, addressing problems where we can go above and beyond what you might expect of the average marketing agency. We do this because it delivers long term sustainable growth for us – and our loyal clients.

Our team strategises beyond just search and our main KPIs, to what long term goals your business has for your website, working with our wider team to deliver sustainable growth with a team you love to work with everyday!

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We are the innovation and experimentation experts

We understand as an agency that our biggest value-add to a business is our time and knowledge.

Through our sole focus on PPC and the wide range of team members and client accounts we work upon, we have a huge wealth of experience that we can draw upon and we can utilise the hours we have on your business account to the greatest effect.

We do this with our test and learn approach, every client has an experimentation roadmap where we can take a scientific approach to try new ideas, measure and document the results so our team can use this knowledge across their other accounts. Our knowledge then becomes your results.

We want to work with your team to go beyond paid search and to see how else we can add value to other areas of your business because we work as a partnership. We share in each other’s success and failures.

Yes not every experiment will be a success, but we’ll always learn from it. And these learnings are spread across our client base to minimise the small impact it may have and to maximise the huge results we can deliver in being the first to discover something new.

Grow for Good in an ever-changing digital landscape

A core value of ours is to only work with sustainable businesses, or those looking to become more sustainable. Our team want to work on clients that they can be passionate about growing, we all want to have a positive impact in our everyday work after all.

Our Grow for Good mission also applies to driving sustainable, continual growth – we’re not in it for quick easy results that’ll make a good case study but not last long term. We want to form close partnerships with our clients and provide something a little extra than your average marketing agency.

For example, have you considered how much carbon your website currently produces? Is your website accessible to all types of users? Our team can challenge you with these questions and support you along your sustainability journey.

Read about our own journey here at Seed on our sustainability page.

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