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Paid Search is changing rapidly. We put experimentation, adaptation, and innovation at the heart our everything that we do. This approach is designed to enable your business to thrive in an increasingly competitive landscape.

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Pioneering PPC in a rapidly-changing world

The landscape of search has undergone a dramatic transformation. As search engines continually evolve, especially with the emergence of AI and generative search technologies, we have also adapted our strategies to stay ahead of these cutting-edge changes.

We believe that the very best Paid Search agencies should create high-growth systems around their clients. Our role extends beyond mere service. We are here to guide you on the most effective paths to sustainably expand your business.

Google Ads

Maximize your reach and ROI with our expertly crafted Google Ads strategies.

Microsoft Ads

Tap into Microsoft's unique audience with tailored campaigns that drive results.

Apple Search Ads

Elevate your app’s presence in the Apple ecosystem with targeted Apple Search Ads.

Amazon Ads

Boost your brand on Amazon with strategic ads that convert viewers into customers.

App Store Ads

Make your app stand out in the App Store with our focused and effective ad strategies.

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Our approach extends beyond mere metrics and KPIs. We’re committed to understanding and aligning with your business’s long-term objectives, working closely with you to drive meaningful, sustainable growth. True success for us is becoming an integral part of your business.

We build our teams based on the skills and experience needed to achieve your growth goals. These teams are with you from the word go. They’ll be integrated deeply into your business, above and beyond just managing and executing your Paid Search campaigns.

By immersing ourselves in your world, we gain insights into the key drivers that will truly make a difference in achieving impact and growth. We consistently strive to exceed the expectations typically associated with a marketing agency. This commitment is not just about surpassing goals; it’s about fostering long-term growth for both our agency and the clients we proudly partner with.

A culture of innovation and experimentation

In a rapidly-changing and an increasingly competitive Paid Search landscape, we believe that continuous innovation and experimentation provide the key to growth. That’s why each client relationship begins with crafting a unique experimentation roadmap, ensuring we’re not just managing campaigns but constantly seeking additional value and impact.

Going beyond traditional methods, we harness AI and develop our own scripts to scale our experimentation efforts, enabling creative and efficient solutions to complex challenges. It’s this forward-thinking mindset that keeps our strategies flexible and effective, tailored to the specific needs and goals of our clients.


By embedding ourselves deeply into your business, we depart from the outdated one-size-fits-all approach. Our culture empowers us to be adaptable and to build bespoke solutions that are optimised for more profound, impactful work.

By aligning closely with each client’s unique challenges and objectives, we ensure sustainable growth and scalability. Our dedication to innovation and experimentation sets us apart, positioning us not just as a PPC agency but as a dedicated partner in achieving your success.

  • Seed is one of the most capable & energised agencies we have partnered with. They have redesigned, rebuilt & relaunched our Paid Search channel. Seed should be your first port of call for any business

    Padraig Timmins

    Padraig Timmins

    Head of eCommerce, Rinkit

  • Seed have been with us since the very start of our Google Ads journey and have handled the challenge of a complex account by combining hard work, intelligence and a flexibility that is second to none.

    David Kyle

    David Kyle

    Marketing Manager, WoB

  • When we brought Seed in they started at less than zero and put a huge amount of work into sorting out our accounts and unpicking legacy complexity. They’re now an extended part of our team.

    Iain Harper

    Iain Harper

    Head of Digital , Oxford Säid Business School

Our PPC Specialists

Alex Ashcroft

Paid Media Specialist

We do good business, by default.

Alongside our commercial and growth ambitions, we are driven by doing more good in the world. As a for-profit company, we’re on a mission to build an agency that contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

Transparency Impact Report


70+ charity days for our team per year.


6% of net profits pledged to charity, guaranteed.


Monthly contributions to 28+ rewilding projects.