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Our Amazon PPC Management Services

Amazon is the go-to place for millions of consumers around the world when they need anything. So, unsurprisingly it’s an excellent place to advertise, but due to the huge amount of competition, only when done properly. Otherwise you risk investing huge sums of money with little to show for it. This is where our amazon PPC management services come in..

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What is Amazon PPC Management?


of product searches start on Amazon


of Amazon customers use ads to discover new products

Amazon Ads is exactly what it says on the tin, it allows brands to advertise their products on Amazon, to ensure that when users are searching for terms relevant to your products you appear front and centre! With a huge audience, Amazon PPC management can provide a great reach for your business.

The size of Amazon can make advertising feel daunting, especially with the number of competitors, but at their core they are very straightforward. Any product that is currently being sold on Amazon can be served as an ad, if they are set up to do so. Products can appear when a user searches relevant keywords, either chosen by you or dynamically by Amazon, or on related product pages that again you can choose to target or Amazon can select. Just like other forms of PPC advertising, you will pay when a user clicks on your product.

Leverage Amazon PPC to grow your brand and expand your reach

Amazon can provide the perfect platform to reach new users in the market for products like yours and over time you can turn these new users into repeat purchasers. Almost all Amazon searches are product focussed and bidding on the right ones can make your brand synonymous with those searches. Amazon Ads can be revenue focused whilst also increasing brand awareness.

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