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Are you missing out on Microsoft Ads?

In today’s advertising landscape, 80% of businesses are investing in Google Ads, but only a fraction of those are running ads on Microsoft Bing.

In the UK alone, there are 905 million searches on Microsoft Bing each month. While much smaller in comparison to Google, that’s a huge volume of potential customers that your business could be missing out on.

Microsoft Bing has a 9% share of the search engine market, with the majority of those searches happening on desktop devices. Globally, Microsoft Bing’s search volume is too large to ignore with an incredible 12 billion searches taking place every month.

Why invest in Microsoft Bing Ads?


Lower CPC (compared to Google Ads)

6.6 billion

Monthly searches

Microsoft Bing’s market share is growing year-on-year. Now is the time to launch into Bing Ads because CPCs (averaging 33% cheaper than Google Ads) are cheaper as many brands haven’t yet taken advantage of the opportunity.

Microsoft Bing and LinkedIn are both owned by Microsoft, allowing shared data across both platforms. So if you’re running LinkedIn Ads, or would like to align your LinkedIn Ads strategy with search, Microsoft Bing is the place to be.

Microsoft Bing Ads offers more granular control over the device and demographic bidding. Want only to target Blackberry users? Bing allows you to do that. Want only to target CEOs of Fortune 500 companies in search? You can do that with Bing Ads.

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Microsoft Bing Ads is a fantastic channel for businesses to capitalise on, with naturally lower competition when compared with Google Ads – cost per click is generally cheaper, there’s less ad space to fight for, meaning cost per conversion comes at a much lower rate.

  • Seed have been with us since the very start of our Google Ads journey and have handled the challenge of a complex account by combining hard work, intelligence and a flexibility that is second to none.

    David Kyle

    David Kyle

    Marketing Manager, WoB

  • Seed is one of the most capable & energised agencies we have partnered with. They have redesigned, rebuilt & relaunched our Paid Search channel. Seed should be your first port of call for any business

    Padraig Timmins

    Padraig Timmins

    Head of eCommerce, Rinkit

  • When we brought Seed in they started at less than zero and put a huge amount of work into sorting out our accounts and unpicking legacy complexity. They’re now an extended part of our team.

    Iain Harper

    Iain Harper

    Head of Digital , Oxford Säid Business School

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