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How we increased website sales by 20% in just one month.






Annual turnover


G Baldwin & Co is London’s oldest herbalist store with a wide range of essential and carrier oils and various other natural remedies for multiple health concerns.

Seed has supported Baldwins for 3 months on all services, including SEO, PPC, Social & Email Marketing. Our omnichannel approach is driving towards increasing website sales, brand awareness and traffic. Particularly through email marketing, our mission has been centred around gaining new subscribers and increasing engagement.

We joined Seed in March aware that our Social was underperforming. In the first week of Seed posting to our Instagram account we received more likes than we ever had. A fantastic achievement!

Steve Dagnell

Steve Dagnell


Project Team

Asieh Ghasemi

Senior PPC Executive


One of the first changes we made was implementing a pop-up sign-up form on the site where users can get 10% off their first order. In one month, we saw incredible results, nearly 3,000 users signed up for the newsletter, and the e-commerce conversion rate increased by 14%. Annual turnover was up by 10%, with sales and email sign-ups still increasing each day.

This small change has now resulted in an additional 6,000 email sign-ups and has generated over £40,000 worth of extra revenue.


In one month we achieved:

  • 3,000 new email users
  • 10% up annual turnover
  • 14% increase in ECR
  • +20% in sales


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