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Madame F is a bold wine brand that explores brave, original blends. It is a creative collaboration with Queer Britain, a charity that launched the UK’s first national LGBTQ+ museum in London. Its collection of lively white, smooth red, and fruity rosé are inspired by the community it represents.

As the appointed social media agency of Madame F, Seed is responsible for managing the brand’s presence on Instagram. This involves developing and promoting the brand’s identity, both in copy and visuals, amidst a highly saturated landscape.

The designers and creative team are brilliant, they come up with incredible designs and the whole team were very flexible in their approach to the changing campaign.

Aisling Brown

Aisling Brown

Marketing Manager

Project Team

Marie Dela Rosa

Senior Social Media Specialist


The main challenge for our creative team was to identify the key brand elements that we could effectively highlight on social media. From the colour palette to the graphic style – it was of utmost importance to differentiate us from other wine brands trying to make their mark on Instagram. We also had to work closely with the client to nail down the right tone of voice. Our social media and creative teams then had to develop content pillars that would guide the calendar production every month.

We also put together a paid social strategy that would complement the organic social strategy. In addition, we launched regular social media contests and collaborated with influencers, as well as other brands. All this allowed us to expand our reach beyond our current followers, thereby increasing overall brand awareness and engagement.


In just a few months, we have managed to revamp the Madame F Instagram page to one that is more true to its brand spirit.

The vibrant, retro-inspired graphic style strengthened the visual identity, while the cheeky and trendy tone of voice enabled us to engage better with our community.

We also established Susy the frog as a brand icon, making us more recognisable both on social media and on Sainsbury’s and Ocado where the wine is sold.

Keeping up with social trends, we leveraged on the Instagram Reel format and produced fun and engaging video content for April Fool’s, Prosecco Product Launch, visit to Queer Britain Museum, and many others.

  • 165% increase in Instagram reach for Q1 2023
  • 30,000+ likes for Q1 2023
  • 35,000+ reach for Madame F Queer Britain Art Awards 2023

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