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Rare Birds is a clothing brand that aims to provide calm, comfort, style, and confidence to the neurodivergent community and those with hypersensitivity.

Seed embarked on a project-based partnership with them to review and revamp their paid and organic social presence, setting them up for greater digital success in the long term. We covered areas such as strategy development, campaign building, and creative direction.


As a clothing brand, we knew that having a strong visual identity was imperative to Rare Bird’s success.  Among the first few things we did was work with the client in setting the creative direction that aligned with their brand, taking the time to really understand their vision and help bring it to life.  In line with this, we worked to identify primary brand messages by sifting through keywords and phrases that would work across organic posts and paid ads.

Thereafter, we restructured their paid social campaigns to include traffic and conversion objectives. The traffic campaigns played an important part in building brand awareness, constantly reaching out to prospective audiences and driving new users to the website. On the other hand, the conversion campaigns, which leveraged Meta’s Advantage+ campaign settings, had the objective of increasing sales. While the brand primarily caters to the UK market, we also helped them launch campaigns in the US market.

As part of our organic social media management, among the areas we focused on was launching giveaways to increase the number of followers and build engagement. We introduced new visual styles, made the most out of UGC (user-generated content), and set a regular posting schedule for optimal performance.


In less than 2 months, we were pleased to see incremental growth on both paid and organic social. Our social media activity was among the highest drivers of website sessions and sales, second only to direct traffic – which also saw a significant increase that could be correlated.

Our campaigns also supported two big sale periods: Black Friday and Boxing Day. The US specific campaigns, although having had a slow start, provided us with valuable market insights also applicable to the UK market.

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