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Increase your followers, improve engagement, and build your brand with a strategic organic social presence.

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Our Organic Social Media Management Service

Wouldn’t it be lovely if you could simply knock together a post about your products and services once in a while, publish on your social media accounts and then kick back in the infinity pool on your giant unicorn-shaped lilo, sipping cocktails as your following grew and grew?

Creating a successful organic social media presence requires patience and practice. Think of it like tending to a garden, you can’t just chuck some seeds down and expect a beautiful oasis to bloom, you need to plan it out, tend to it and nurture it for it to grow – and happily we are the Alan Titchmars of the organic social world, and we’re here to make your garden flourish!

Do You Need Organic Social Media Management?

In our opinion, the answer is always going to be yes. A strategic and robust social media marketing approach is always going to be multi-pronged, and putting all your efforts into paid social while ignoring organic isn’t going to optimise your results (and of course the opposite is also true). Like Batman and Robin, Torvill and Dean and Mac & Cheese, paid and organic social work best when they work together.

  • +165%

    Instagram Reach



    Madame F

    Building brand identity on Instagram and engaging the LGBTQ+ community

  • 5 Million

    Facebook + Instagram Reach

  • +17%

    E-commerce Sales

  • Work the World

    Work the World

    Boosting leads for travel education industry amidst pandemic restrictions.

  • +100%

    Trade Volume

Seed’s Organic Social Media Services

We’ll help create an implementable, actionable organic social strategy that will become an integral part of your overarching marketing strategy as it nurtures relationships with and builds stronger connections to your customers at scale.

  • The designers and creative team are brilliant, they come up with incredible designs and the whole team were very flexible in their approach to the changing campaign.

    Aisling Brown

    Aisling Brown

    Marketing Manager, Madame F

  • My most recent team has been quite phenomenal. Lauren and Marie do a superb job of creating fulfilling content and visually beautiful monthly social media calendars.

    Miel de Botton

    Miel de Botton

    Music Artist, Miel de Botton

Our Social Team

Marie Dela Rosa

Senior Social Media Specialist

We do good business, by default.

Alongside our commercial and growth ambitions, we are driven by doing more good in the world. As a for-profit company, we’re on a mission to build an agency that contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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70+ charity days for our team per year.


6% of net profits pledged to charity, guaranteed.


Monthly contributions to 28+ rewilding projects.