Social Media Audit & Strategy

Evaluate your current social media presence and build a stronger, longer-term strategy for bigger business opportunities

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Social Media Audit & Strategy

Businesses can leverage social media to help drive their business growth. However, suppose you don’t have a strong strategy in place or are unsure how to monitor and analyse your social campaigns and social media presence. In that case, a social media audit can help you gain insight.

Seed has worked with a range of businesses from different industries. Our experience and expertise in organic social media management, as well as paid social advertising, mean we are in a great position to comprehensively analyse where your business sits in the social media landscape. We can show you what can be done to create a robust and effective social media presence that helps build your brand identity and hit your marketing targets.

Could your business benefit from a social media audit and strategy?

Simply posting your content on social media and hoping for good engagement is ineffective. An audit will help you clarify where you need to focus your attention and ensure you don’t waste time creating content that doesn’t reach and engage the right audience at the right time.

A social media audit can benefit your business in many ways. By conducting an audit, you can gain a thorough understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategy. You can learn more about your customers, their behaviours, and habits, which can help drive engagement with your brand.

The findings of a social media audit can form the foundation of a new social media marketing strategy. One that is more considered, effective, and fluid to capture and hold your audience’s attention and motivate them to take action. It can also help establish the vital role that social media plays in your other digital marketing efforts, like PPC and SEO.

  • +165%

    Instagram Reach



    Madame F

    Building brand identity on Instagram and engaging the LGBTQ+ community

  • 5 Million

    Facebook + Instagram Reach

  • +17%

    E-commerce Sales

  • Work the World

    Work the World

    Boosting leads for travel education industry amidst pandemic restrictions.

  • +100%

    Trade Volume

Seed’s Social Media Audit Services

We know the term ‘audit’ can sound a bit daunting, but our social media gurus are here to help make the process as seamless and hassle-free as possible. We’ll talk to you about your current challenges and your social media goals so we can tailor our service to deliver exactly what you need. We’ll investigate your social media platforms from a technical standpoint during the audit. We’ll let you know if your campaigns are structured optimally and attributing data correctly to the source. In addition, we’ll share some insights about the industry at large, including your competitors’ social media presence. At the end of the audit, we’ll share detailed recommendations around crafting a holistic social media strategy that will bring you closer to your business goals.

  • The warmest team to work with who take the time to understand our brand's needs. Working with them across SEO, PPC and Paid Social has been a pleasure.

    Daisy Plowright

    Daisy Plowright

    E-Commerce Manager, Davines UK

  • The designers and creative team are brilliant, they come up with incredible designs and the whole team were very flexible in their approach to the changing campaign.

    Aisling Brown

    Aisling Brown

    Marketing Manager, Madame F

  • I have worked with Louie and Marie for just under 6 months and their ongoing support on PPC & Social is invaluable. They are always super happy to help with any questions, however large or small!

    Ada Cooper

    Ada Cooper

    Ecommerce & Paid Media Coordinator, Mooncup

  • My most recent team has been quite phenomenal. Lauren and Marie do a superb job of creating fulfilling content and visually beautiful monthly social media calendars.

    Miel de Botton

    Miel de Botton

    Music Artist, Miel de Botton

  • Seed have been incredibly easy to work with. Our Paid Social activity is performing the best it ever has, yet they are constantly seeking new ways to improve.

    Carol Bolger

    Carol Bolger

    Head of Marketing, Work the World

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Senior Social Media Specialist

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