Social Case Studies

Learning People

Learning People

Optimising Costs of Meta Lead Generation Campaigns

6+ hours

Branding Workshops

Ben Simpson

Updating the company’s existing visual identity and tone of voice to better reflect their sustainability values

Rare Birds

Rare Birds

Strengthening paid and organic social media strategy to generate more sales


E-Commerce Sales

Little Green Radicals

Developing seasonal and evergreen campaign strategy for optimal sales.

Case Furniture

Case Furniture

Creating a social strategy to increase engagement and contribute to brand growth.


Instagram Reach

Madame F

Building brand identity on Instagram and engaging the LGBTQ+ community

Miel de Botton

Miel de Botton

Using a multichannel social media strategy to grow and nurture fans


E-commerce Sales


Overcoming Apple’s iOS 14 update, improving ROAS and CPA.


Cost Per Lead

Work the World

Boosting leads for travel education industry amidst pandemic restrictions.


Trade Volume


Launching conversion and app install paid social campaigns.




Launching paid social, achieving targets, and scaling spend.



Multichannel Paid Social Strategy for Brand Awareness and Conversions.