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How we took a local business to the top of Google for "Coffee Beans"


Increase in SEO Revenue.


Increase in SEO Transactions.


Ranking for Coffee Beans.


Horsham Coffee Roaster is a local business to Brighton based in Horsham, East Sussex. Horsham Coffee Roaster focuses on ethical sourcing of speciality coffee combined with sustainable environmental practices.

We first started working with Horsham Coffee Roaster in April 2019. They approached us with the challenge of increasing their monthly revenue intake using SEO. Our challenge was to find the best strategy in order to meet their requirements.

Working with Seed was fantastic. The team always came to me with fresh ideas and were extremely motivated to try new things in order to improve the account and drive business growth.

Bradley Steenkamp

Bradley Steenkamp

Founding Director

Project Team

Nick Miller

Founder & CEO


Technical SEO at the core, Content and Link Building to drive results.

We developed a strategy for Horsham Coffee Roaster that incorporated all of the SEO approaches to increase the monthly revenue. We focussed our efforts on link building, technical SEO, on-site optimisation, and content SEO.

Initially, we carried out a full technical audit to uncover any issues that needed to be fixed, that could potentially be detrimental to our ongoing SEO work.

Our SEO work included keyword research, fixing broken links, re-writing MetaData, on-page optimisation, revamping the website’s hierarchy, fixing indexing issues, and more!

Technical SEO is an ongoing task to ensure that we catch any issues and fix them before they become detrimental to any SEO work we are doing.


Since supporting Horsham Coffee Roaster with their SEO, we have seen some huge gains for the business. Our content-led SEO approach helped to increase website sessions, keyword rankings, and ultimately revenue for Horsham Coffee Roaster.

  • Increased monthly revenue from Organic Search by +740%.
  • Increased transactions from Organic Search by +1,000%.
  • Achieved position 3 ranking on page 1 for ‘coffee beans’ with 30,000 monthly searches.

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