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Nick Stuart-Miller

Co-Founder & CEO

Co-Founder and CEO at Seed, Nick started the business with co-founder Robin from a bedroom in Redhill.

Having spent his earlier years feasting on tzatziki and gyros (he’s 1/2 Greek), Nick quickly realised the need for a forward-thinking and innovative digital marketing agency, who put client’s growth and goals as a top priority.

Nick spends his days developing high-quality business strategies to continue to improve and develop Seed.

Despite proclaiming he was a cat man, Nick has recently become a (very) proud father to one – Basil, the sausage dog. He is often spotted carrying Basil in his man bag on the way to work. In the office, Nick is always thinking one step ahead, proactively engaging staff and clients in order to achieve growth and maximise potential. No challenge is too great for Nick, which is why after only one holiday to Bali he managed to master the skill of surfing (he’s not boastful we promise!).

Seed’s foundations have been built upon core values established by Nick and Robin, always promising to deliver the best possible results for clients. Seeing the vibrant team passionate about what they do and hungry to learn more is something that will continue to motivate Nick every day.

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