5 years of Seed

Nick Miller

Nick Miller

August 8, 2019

5 mins read

For those of you that are new to Seed, here’s a recap of the last 5 years…

Robin and I started Seed in August 2014 with an ambition to do something our way, with only a couple of clients to our name and no money in our pockets. Seriously. I once spent the last £35 I had to my name getting a train to London for a pitch I lost.

We didn’t have any grand plans or any real idea where we were heading. We just wanted to work for interesting businesses, with inspiring people, together.

We didn’t overthink. We just did. We got stuck in and worked tirelessly on anything and everything we did.

What we did know was that we wanted to build a company unlike any other. A company built on shared values, respect and care for those we work with. A company that we actually believed in.

We were bold, we took big risks but the payoff was worth it.

Five years later and Seed is one of leading digital marketing agencies in Brighton with over 80 clients and a team of 20.

A plumber’s house always has a dripping tap.

Earlier this year we decided that we’ve neglected our own brand identity for too long. What we had was outdated. It didn’t represent us anymore.

We needed change.

We didn’t want to rush the project and chuck together some half-baked identity together that sounds good and wins business but isn’t truly authentic.

So we asked our team what they thought. Who are we? Why do we exist? What do we value? And lots of other existential questions that marketing agencies love to ask themselves.

The process was good. Almost therapeutic. What emerged was a shared understanding of who we were as a company, and most importantly, what made us a company unlike any other.

The result is the brand you see now. A brand we all believe in. A brand that truly represents the company we’ve become.

I believe a brand is never truly finished – it must evolve and grow as your company grows. But your fundamental values will always stay the same.

“Seed was built on the premise that nothing is impossible. No challenge too big. No idea too ambitious.”

I am incredibly proud of us.

We’re a company that’s 100% funded and owned by us. That means we get to make the rules. We get to decide who we are, why we exist, and, most importantly, what we become.

Seed was built on the premise that nothing is impossible. No challenge too big. No idea too ambitious.

That idea has been baked into the very foundation that underpins everything we do at Seed. And I’m incredibly proud of that.

Robin and I came to Brighton as nobodies. Two guys who had never run a business before, never hired anyone, never done anything.

We had to learn everything ourselves. Make all the mistakes and learn from them. The best way.

It was hard. After years of grinding it out late into the night, countless hours and barely coping with growing an agency we finally feel like we’ve built a business that we can be proud of.

In 2015 we hired our first Seedling. Two years later we doubled our team and became a Google Premium Partner, recognised as one of the UK’s top 50 agencies.

Fast forward to 2019 and we’re a team of 20 with a unique company that truly feels like a family.

We’re on the Google growth accelerator programme, an honour only given to the top 2% of high performance agencies in the world.

We’re responsible for £1M in monthly recurring media spend for our clients. We’re partnering with some of the worlds largest brands. And we’ve built a team and a company that we’re truly proud of.

“Although we certainly never wrote down any clear goals, we knew deep down that we wanted to create something that would be recognised as one of the leading lights in the industry.”

We’re living our dream.

Robin and I have both worked relentlessly on growing this company over the last 5 years and Seed is something I genuinely love.

No, I really do. Seed is part of me and I’m half of it.

Thank you Robin for always backing me, letting me see through my half-baked ideas, and for allowing me to think I’m running the show when in reality I’d crumble in a heap and cry without you.

You’re my best friend and I wouldn’t share this journey with anyone else.

Finally, our team.

Thank you. You all make Seed such a unique and wonderful place to work.

There isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t genuinely love coming into our office to work together. I’m so proud of the work you do and the results you achieve for our clients.

Although we certainly never wrote down any clear goals, we knew deep down that we wanted to create something that would be recognised as one of the leading lights in the industry.

With your undying support, hard work, loyalty and trust we are well on our way to achieving that.

Robin and I will genuinely treasure the experience of growing Seed with you all forever. Here’s to the next 5 years – who knows where we’ll be!

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