Is your business looking to grow internationally?

Asieh Ghasemi

Asieh Ghasemi

August 23, 2023

5 mins read

Are you a business looking to scale internationally, but not sure about the next steps? Maybe you have already pinpointed the top new markets to enter and are ready to be supported? Or maybe, growth is not on your mind yet… 

At Seed, we pride ourselves on our growth mindset. We love the challenge of working with businesses of all sizes and industries to expand and grow internationally.  We take great pride in being one of the 31 agencies in the UK that are part of the Google International Growth Programme.

Here are just a few of the PPC and SEO international clients we are proud to work with: 

  • Luggage industry: A UK-based company that has successfully expanded into France, and Germany, and soon will be expanding to more countries in Europe.
  • Children’s clothing industry: Another UK-based company that has achieved significant success in the USA market.
  • Financial technology (fintech) industry: Operating in multiple regions, including North America, Australia, and Europe. 
  • Microscope industry: A US-based company for which we handle their UK, Germany and France activities.
  • Interior design industry: Another UK-based client that we run ads for their US and Europe accounts.

What is international growth for PPC?

International growth for PPC requires a thoughtful and strategic approach. It involves understanding the unique characteristics of each target market and tailoring campaigns accordingly. By effectively expanding and optimising PPC campaigns internationally, businesses can tap into new markets, increase brand visibility, and drive business growth on a global scale.

It is important to understand the market on a global scale, looking into the current demand and intentions in these places so that we can put together a staged rollout approach with new regions.

We need to identify what our goals are, and how well-known the brand is and decide what to focus on to start with. It might be the case that we must focus on product based ads to drive awareness that way, if the current market has no brand impression share currently. 

However, in general, the first step is doing market research, meaning we need to understand the cultural, linguistic, and behavioural nuances of the target markets. 

This includes – to name just a few!

  • Analysing competitors 
  • Localising ad copy
  • Keywords research to define demand 
  • Building specific landing pages
  • Considering regional preferences and trends
  • Currency 
  • Time zone

Benefits of launching international PPC

The primary benefit of international PPC is the potential for increased revenue and business growth. By effectively reaching and engaging international audiences, businesses can generate new leads, drive conversions, and expand their customer base – contributing to overall profitability and success.

By targeting multiple markets, businesses can reduce dependence on a single market or economy, reducing the risk associated with economic fluctuations or local market challenges. It is a great way to gain market share and enter markets with smaller competition initially. 

What businesses should consider when launching internationally

In this journey, there is a lot that we can help you with as an international digital marketing agency however, launching internationally requires careful planning, adaptability and a deep understanding of the target market. By considering these factors, businesses can minimise risks, maximise opportunities, and lay a strong foundation for successful international expansion.

You need to also:

  • Evaluate the infrastructure and logistics required to support your international operations. Consider factors such as shipping, fulfilment, customer service, language support, and local partnerships or distribution channels.
  • Understand the legal and regulatory requirements of the target market.
  • Establish an effective customer service strategy to cater to international customers. 
  • Assess the potential risks associated with international expansion, such as political instability, economic fluctuations, legal uncertainties, or cultural challenges. Develop risk management strategies to mitigate these risks and ensure business continuity. 

How to measure success?

Measuring success in a new market is an ongoing process, and at Seed we very much live by the test, measure, learn, repeat mantra. It requires regular monitoring, analysis, and adaptation to optimise performance and ensure sustained growth. 

Some of the main steps to measure success are:

  • Set Clear Objectives: revenue targets, market share growth, customer acquisition, or brand awareness
  • Determine the key performance indicators that align with your objectives: sales revenue, customer acquisition cost (CAC), customer lifetime value (CLTV), market penetration, or brand recognition.
  • Collect relevant data related to your KPIs: This can include sales data, website analytics, customer feedback, market research, or competitive analysis.
  • Evaluate the collected data to assess your performance in the new market: Compare actual results against your objectives and identify areas of strength and areas that need improvement.
  • Analyse your performance relative to your competitors in the new market: Identify competitive advantages or areas where you may need to catch up.
  • Assess customer satisfaction: through surveys, reviews, or feedback mechanisms. Determine customer sentiment, loyalty, and overall satisfaction levels.
  • Based on the insights gained from the data analysis, make informed decisions to refine your strategies, optimise marketing campaigns, improve localization efforts, or adjust product offerings.

You need to continuously monitor market trends, changes in customer preferences, or regulatory developments that may impact your internationalisation efforts. It is important to stay agile and adapt to evolving market dynamics. 

Also, take a continuous improvement approach by regularly reviewing your objectives, metrics, and strategies. Learn from successes and failures, and iterate your approach to achieve long-term success.

If you are looking for international growth, or maybe this is something your business is looking to explore – we would love to hear from you! 

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