Introduction to Gabby: BIMA Next Generation Digital Leaders Programme Apprentice

Maisie Franklin

Maisie Franklin

August 21, 2023

4 mins read

About me!

Hi there! I am Gabby, one of the four digital interns taking part in the BIMA Next Generation Digital Leaders Programme. I have just completed week 1 & 2 in my second placement within the programme at Seed.

So far, the internship has been an extremely informative and awarding experience. With my background being in Fine Art, I’ve come to this field as a novice and have been immersed in the industry gaining crucial knowledge. The team here at Seed have been so lovely and welcoming, I am eager to experience and learn over the upcoming weeks!

Week 1: Key Points

This first week has been experiential based learning, the most beneficial when entering a new industry. On my first day at Seed, I was immersed into a live client brief and began formatting project boards alongside personal development research into PPC.

Throughout the week, I have been assisting the team with a client brief for a website relaunch project. This has involved formatting and writing content for the new website. Although initially daunting, working together as a team towards a deadline has been valuable, it has tested my writing and comprehension skills!

Independent Learning and PPC I was assigned independent learning sessions during my first week to research and investigate various marketing strategies that Seed employs for the benefit of their clients. One of them being PPC, Paid Search. I have learned the fundamentals of Pay Per Click and its role in digital marketing, as well as how it shapes the SERP landscape and enhances website visibility. To further my understanding of these terms, I sat in on a client annual review.

Afterwards, I had to conduct personal research and even search general terms to view the results page through a different lens. However, overall, it was immensely helpful to hear these terms within context.

Whilst I’ve become very involved, I have mostly been working remotely with the Seed team as their new office gets prepared. As much as I missed working in an office environment, I was assigned to design the new office policies document, demonstrating my graphic design skills. I’m very grateful to Seed for tailoring briefs to my interests whilst also teaching me integral components of digital marketing. Their time and effort have not gone unnoticed.

Week 2: Key Points

During this week, I’ve been engaged in finalising content for a client’s website relaunch. I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the swift development of my competence, especially considering how initially daunting the task seemed to be. Furthermore, I completed the new office policy document, which has now been published for Seed’s team to use as they adjust to their amazing new office space!

I thoroughly enjoyed delving into the brand guidelines and formatting content to align with branding at Seed, it was useful to adopt a style that wasn’t my own. PPC and UX reviews and continued learning I was fortunate to have the opportunity to participate in client annual reviews for PPC services. This experience solidified my fundamental understanding of PPC and its practical integration within real businesses.

I had a meeting with Billy to go over a presentation outlining the process of creating search campaigns and the necessary steps for effectively enhancing a website’s visibility. I am hoping next week I can begin to test and implement my knowledge into an actual campaign.

Given my creative background and interests, Ally, the Designer at Seed, approached me to provide feedback regarding an upcoming website revamp for the company. I was introduced to the programme Figma, a collaborative interface design programme, where I explored their concepts related to UX and UI design. In response, I created a report of my ideas along with some animations that I felt could be integrated.

The reception was positive with even some suggestions that hadn’t been previously considered. Stay tuned for forthcoming updates!

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