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Wob is a sustainability-focused bookseller, primarily selling pre-loved books as pioneers in reuse and recycling. Their inventory contains over seven million items, and in 2019, they were awarded B Corporation® (B Corps™) status for meeting the highest standards of verified social and environmental performance.

World of Books first approached our PPC team in 2017 with huge growth aspirations and a complex challenge to launch. In May 2021, our Paid Social team was tasked with launching Paid Social campaigns with the aim of increasing overall sales while maintaining a strong ROAS.


Our Approach

As this was the first time that Wob was going into paid social, and with all the challenges that the iOS 14 update posed at the time, we launched the campaigns with fairly conservative budgets.

We started off with identifying key customer personas and building out interest-based audiences on Facebook accordingly. 

We also put together a top and bottom funnel strategy that allowed us to:

  • Reach out to new audiences and potential customers
  • Continue engaging with existing customers

In line with the campaign strategy, Seed also helped in putting together a creative content strategy which included copywriting and design work. The assets we created were a mix of images and videos in various size requirements.

The Results

By the end of its first full month (June 2021), we saw improvements to our CPA by 4.7% while keeping ROAS well above our target.

Within the first quarter, PS campaigns had an MoM improvement in ROAS by 17% and in CPA by 8% – this is while keeping the budget stable and amidst a few account experiments.

From the first to the second quarter, we had increased spend by 200%. This resulted to  a QoQ increase in purchases by 50% and in revenue by 40%. Reach increased by 80% and link clicks by 100%.

Not only had we helped with successfully launching Wob’s paid social presence, we also contributed to strengthening the brand’s overall digital marketing efforts by ensuring our paid social ads were closely aligned with organic social content, as well as PPC ads.

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