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How we worked together with LOWE to create a multi-channel marketing strategy, incorporating SEO, PPC, Branding & Web Development, with impressive results.


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The LOWE Group provides vacant property services, offering cost effective solutions to managing vacant properties while creating a social impact in the community. 

When we began working with LOWE, they had 1 website that served 2 purposes, to target property guardians, who were looking for affordable living solutions, as well as targeting landlords or property owners that owned a vacant property and were looking for cost effective solutions for their property. The challenge for us was how we could target 2 very different target audiences all within the one site.

How we ranked in 1st position for over 10 of our primary keywords for Lowe Guardians

Attracting young, professional key workers who were looking for affordable living solutions was the primary focus when we started working with Lowe Guardians. Our strategy focussed around London, so we incorporated Local SEO alongside technical SEO & content SEO to create a comprehensive strategy targeting young professionals in the London area.

By creating keyword focussed landing pages, blogs & FAQ’s, we began to see our target keywords such as ‘property guardians london’ moving up the SERPs. Incorporating long tail keywords into the strategy such as ‘What is a property guardian’ allowed us to target a wider audience and build the keyword pool.

Alongside this SEO strategy, we had the support of our PPC team, who were running ads targeting both property guardians & vacant property landlords. By working together, we were able to create a multi channel strategy, sharing data between both teams to ensure we were targeting the best performing keywords.

As Lowe Guardians grew, and a consistent number of guardians were getting in touch wanting a property guardianship, Lowe decided that it was time to split out the websites, and focus purely on targeting landlords on a brand new website.

Branding & Web Development for The LOWE Group

With our knowledge and success working with Lowe Guardians, we worked with the Lowe team to create The LOWE Group, a central hub for targeting vacant property owners, separate from the guardian website. 

Together, we worked in-house to build a bespoke website to target these landlords, ensuring this met the already familiar branding of Lowe Guardians but changing up the colours of the website.

Our SEO team worked closely with our developer to create a SEO friendly website, with strong site structure and readability for Google.

The Results

We continued working across both The LOWE Group and Lowe Guardians on SEO & PPC, now with 2 very clean and informative websites that we can target the very unique audiences on.

The main challenge with SEO was to start ranking for these very niche landlord keywords, that for years have been ranking on the Lowe Guardians website. By creating redirects, canonicals & keyword focussed landing pages, we were able to move these rankings across to The LOWE Group website to ensure we weren’t missing out on these high value leads. Building up high authority backlinks was also a key part of our strategy, to boost the domain authority of this brand new website, using directories and brand mention link building to succeed with this.

PPC continues to run ads targeting vacant property landlords, utilising search ads, display ads and re-marketing ads. To this day the SEO and PPC team still work as one, sharing data, creating PPC focussed landing pages and always sharing any wins!

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