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Are your key goals to increase traffic and boost your websites revenue?

You have come to the right place! Whether your online business is long-established or it’s just starting out, eCommerce SEO should be at the forefront of your digital growth strategy. A well thought out eCommerce SEO strategy incorporates all areas of SEO to help drive traffic and increase revenue.

As a specialist eCommerce SEO agency, we’ve developed systems for efficiently scaling-up search engine marketing for large online stores without losing the technical attention to detail that’s so crucial to delivering top results and great SEO performance.

Why choose Seed for your eCommerce SEO strategy?

At Seed we understand the importance of hitting KPIs to maintain and grow a business. We like to work with our clients to fully understand the wider business objectives so that each Seedling on the account understands the main goal.

Once understood we research and collate a bespoke eCommerce strategy that fits in line with business goal and growth targets.

  • +144%

    New Users from SEO


    Ski Holiday Bookings

    Ski Famille

    Dominating the 1st page with a single keyword focus in a highly competitive marketplace.

  • +1,064%

    Organic Search Revenue

  • 4,545%

    Google ROAS


  • School of Wok

    School of Wok

    How we took a London cookery school to the top of Google using a content focussed strategy!

  • +210%


Work with a dedicated team of eCommerce SEO specialists

You will be supported by our team to lead and achieve your SEO goals. We only do SEO, so with specialist focus on content, outreach & technical SEO, our eCommerce SEO services are second to none.

  • Working with Seed was fantastic. The team always came to me with fresh ideas and were extremely motivated to try new things in order to improve the account and drive business growth.

    Bradley Steenkamp

    Bradley Steenkamp

    Founding Director, Horsham Coffee Roasters

  • Seed are a young and enthusiastic bunch and their positivity rubs off on us every time we meet up! Results have been fantastic. I wholeheartedly recommend them.

    Paul Copeland

    Paul Copeland

    Director, Mulberry Bush

  • Would highly recommend Seed for their friendly attitude and technical expertise.

    Ada Cooper

    Ada Cooper

    Ecommerce & Paid Media Coordinator, Mooncup

Our SEO Team

Adam Mates

SEO Specialist

We do good business, by default.

Alongside our commercial and growth ambitions, we are driven by doing more good in the world. As a for-profit company, we’re on a mission to build an agency that contributes to a more inclusive and sustainable economy.

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70+ charity days for our team per year.


6% of net profits pledged to charity, guaranteed.


Monthly contributions to 28+ rewilding projects.