What are the key benefits of guest posting?

Maisie Franklin

Maisie Franklin

February 20, 2024

7 mins read

No matter what business you run, you can utilise guest posting in your content plan to build brand awareness, and grow your customer base. Guest posting is a strong marketing tool used to reach new readers through established platforms. A guest blog is simply a post that is made by someone other than the blog’s primary owner. Typically, guest blogs are used by other websites to provide users with additional information that they themselves cannot offer to their audience.

The Key Benefits of Guest Posting & Blogging

Here at Seed, we regularly receive questions from clients asking how guest posting can benefit their website and whether it really has an impact. Read on to find 5 key benefits you will receive from adopting a  fool-proof guest posting strategy:

1. Guest Posting Can Increase Your Website’s Backlinks

Before we get started explaining the benefit of backlinks and how to gain them through guest posting, it’s important to understand what a backlink is and why it’s important to seek credible backlinks from reputable sources:

What is a website backlink?

A backlink is essentially a way for other websites to direct users to your website. Most commonly, this is done to add value to users by helping them to navigate to useful resources so that they can resolve their search query quicker. For example, here at Seed, our website received a backlink from an industry-leading marketing website referencing us as one of the “Best Google Ads Agencies for 2022”. This backlink was implemented to support their article by providing users with an easy way to get in contact with a digital marketing agency that specialises in SEO and PPC

Why is it important to seek backlinks from reputable websites?

Backlinks are essential for building a reputable website as Google uses backlinks as one of the indicators to verify the credibility of a website. Therefore, every backlink a website has must be high-quality and from a credible source. If a website is to receive backlinks from an unsecured website Google may deem the backlink to be toxic. A toxic backlink can have negative effects on your website such as affecting the website’s authority score, website traffic and search results ranking. 

Below, you’ll find a comprised list of some key considerations you should use when developing a guest blogging back-link strategy to avoid the above, and ensure you only get the key benefits of guest posting: 

  • Aim to accumulate backlinks from websites with high authority scores. 
  • Research and ensure you meet the guest posting requirements of the desired website.
  • Avoid purchasing backlinks
  • Ensure that your guest posting backlink strategy aligns with Google’s Webmaster Guidelines.
  • Regularly check your backlink portfolio to ensure that information is up-to-date and relevant for users. 

Why is it beneficial for a website to have a high number of credible backlinks?

The main benefit of having a large portfolio of credible backlinks is that it increases your chances of ranking highly within Google’s search results. This is because Google assesses how trustworthy your site is from a user’s point of view. Therefore, if your website is to have various credible sources referencing your information, Google will deem your website to be trustworthy and will likely rank your website higher in search results

2. Guest Blogging Can Increase A Websites Domain Authority 

What is domain authority? 

In simple terms, domain authority is essentially a search engine ranking system that is used to rank a website based on how successful it is when it comes to ranking against competitors. A key benefit of the domain authority ranking system is that it can be used as a metric to evaluate the status of a website against the performance of its competitors. 

How can guest posting increase a website’s domain authority?

Guest blogging is by far one of the best organic ways to boost your website’s overall domain authority. Each time a website receives a backlink from a trusted website, the trusted domain shares a tiny proportion of its authority. This concept is known as “Domain Authority”. Essentially, the more authority a site has, the more authority it can pass on to a site, via a link. 

Why is it beneficial to have a high domain authority?

The biggest benefit of having a high website authority score is that it improves your website’s SEO and ranking in search results. This is because your website is seen as a more reputable source through having the credibility cited by other websites in the form of a backlink. 

There are many other key benefits of increasing domain authority, some of which include:

  • The website will attract guest posts and comments.
  • It will increase your sales in the field of the affiliate.
  • It will help improve a website’s keyword ranking on the Google search engine results page.
  • It will help you to attract blog commenting and further engagement from users. 

3. Guest Posting Can Generate High-Quality Referral Traffic

What is referral traffic?

Referral traffic is a term that describes the users who land on your website without necessarily searching for you specifically. Most commonly, this happens through users following a link on another website’s article, YouTube video or social media. 

Why is the referral traffic generated through guest posting beneficial for a website?

A key benefit of guest posting is that it allows you the opportunity to increase your referral traffic from specific audiences. For example, if you own a business and launch a new product, you could engage in guest blogging to promote it on other websites where it provides value to their customer base. 

4. Guest Posting Can Increase A Businesses Brand Awareness

What does the term brand awareness mean? 

In short, brand awareness is the extent to which customers are able to recognise your brand and differentiate it from competitors. Brand awareness is one of the most crucial factors of building a business and can be very costly if done incorrectly. Below, we explain how guest posting provides a cost-effective strategy for businesses to grow their brand awareness and gain the trust of their target audience. 

Why is the brand awareness generated through guest posting so effective?

One of the best strategies for improving your brand awareness can come with the process of guest posting. By using another business’s website as a way to communicate with potential clients, you can increase your credibility and drive more traffic to your website. A key benefit of building brand awareness through having your content on other websites is that it allows you to build customer trust extremely quickly. This plays a huge role for users that haven’t heard about your brand and can lead to increased conversion rates.

5. Guest Blogging Can Generate Qualified Leads

One of the biggest perks of guest posting is the quality of traffic you can channel to your website. While other marketing strategies such as social media and SEO can also contribute to getting traffic, they aren’t always able to provide you with the most relevant visitors. This is why guest posting can be extremely effective as it allows business owners to target traffic channels that provide highly relevant visitors that align with their target audiences and who are interested in their products or services. 

So long as you create quality content for guest posts, you can exploit the already established loyal community of other websites and encourage them to yours. The traffic acquired through guest posting has an increased chance to lead to conversions as opposed to other marketing strategies. 

How can Seed help you with guest posting?

Guest posting can be quite a complex process for website owners to get right. If you’re looking for advice on guest blogging or simply need help with improving your website’s SEO, our team of organic content specialists can help.

At Seed, we offer a range of digital marketing services and can help you to drive qualified leads. If you need assistance, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01273 286 616 or email enquiries@helloseed.co.uk, a friendly member of our team will gladly help. 

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