5 Valentine’s Day Email Marketing Tips

Annie Jackson

Annie Jackson

February 20, 2024

5 mins read

Valentine’s Day is a huge draw for many businesses each year. The special event often brings a huge influx of sales for all types of businesses, not just chocolatiers, florists and card shops! With the competition strong, it is important that any Valentines Day email marketing campaign you create really does stand out from the crowd.

We have created a list of 5 Valentines Day email marketing tips to inspire your email marketing campaign in order to produce the best possible results this Valentine’s Day.

1. Segment your email content

For many businesses, the customer demographic can be made up of a wide range of different people. As a result, a generic Valentine’s email marketing campaign will only engage with a small percentage of your overall subscriber list. Not what you want over this special occasion! It is crucial that your Valentines email marketing campaign caters for different demographics and consumer needs to get the most out of the seasonal marketing opportunity.

Segmenting your campaign accordingly will allow you to incorporate different gift ideas for different types of email subscribers. For example, choosing different copy and products to create unique Valentine’s gift categories. Looking at the different demographics that make up your customer base will give you a clearer insight into your own business. Not only this, it will help you maximise the performance of your email campaign and boost engagement rates.

2. Simplicity is key

For many, actually finding the right Valentine’s present can be stressful. This special gift is meant to perfectly encapture your love for someone and choosing the best way to show this can be overwhelmingly daunting. Keeping your email marketing design simple, with a clear direction will allow your customers to digest content quickly. Therefore helping them understand exactly where to find what they need and reassuring them it is by buying from your business!

A  great example of this can begin with something as simple as keeping the subject line, ‘Valentine’s Made Easy.’. This simple and inviting statement automatically draws customers in, especially those who are finding it more difficult to choose the right gift. A simple and persuasive tactic like this builds security and trust between the customer and your business, increasing the likelihood of a successful purchase conversion.

3. You don’t need a gift to give

Once upon a time, Valentine’s meant flowers, chocolates and jewellery but now, with the explosion of e-commerce, the season of love has opened up to a world beyond the ‘standard’ gift items. Couples now celebrate Valentine’s Day in a variety of ways, so there is always the opportunity for different businesses to get creative with their Valentines Day email campaigns.

From package holidays to monthly subscriptions, a fun and creative email campaign can effectively tie together the spirit of Valentine’s with the products your business offers. It could be easy to think Valentine’s is not the holiday for your products, but there is usually always a nice way to bring imaginative ideas alive. Something as simple as offering Valentine’s discounts could be the difference between success and failure of an email campaign around the 14th of February.

4. Don’t forget those last minute buyers

Just like Christmas, there are many who leave their Valentine’s purchases to the last minute. A businesses email marketing campaign should never forget these precious customers! Reminding your subscribers of an order deadline or a discount expiry can be a powerful message in creating those late purchase conversions.

There are so many simple marketing tools to remind customers of an important deadline. One example would be to combine an order countdown timer with an offer deadline, to really drive urgency in your subscribers. This is a great conversion tactic, persuasive to those you have let their proactiveness slip!

5. Give some love to the singles too

We all know what it feels like to be single on Valentine’s Day, pretty disheartening! It can feel very lonely around this time of the month especially when every marketing campaign you see is directed at those couples so deeply in love. A great tip for businesses is to give these single individuals some attention too. Using an email campaign to target and celebrate the single life could see interaction with a whole other audience.

Using the right tone and some clever styling, businesses can deliver striking email campaigns to remind consumers it is ok to treat yourselves! Directly targeting emails at single individuals can draw in potential consumers who might not have been looking to buy a gift at that time of year. Spread some love this February and use your businesses email campaign’s to include everyone this Valentine’s Day.

Try out these 5 tips for email campaigns and make this Valentine’s Day the best yet for your business! Want to work with Seed? Learn more about our work here! 

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