Seed Welcomes Rowan – Paid Media Executive

Rowan Wood

Rowan Wood

March 24, 2021

2 mins read

About Me

I’m Rowan, I joined Seed at the beginning of 2021, after working with another local media agency for a year.

I grew up in Weymouth, Dorset so i feel at home working through the constant seagull squawks of Brighton, and wouldn’t want it any other way. While I have only experienced life in Brighton and Seed during a pandemic, I’m looking forward to what life will be like in such a lively city & agency alike when things get back to normal.

Life Before Seed

I graduated from Royal Holloway University of London in 2019, with a degree in marketing and management. However, I wasn’t sure which area of marketing I wanted to make a career out of.  After a year of PPC & social media marketing I now know I made the right choice as I love every aspect of the work. Being able to see almost instantaneous results from account changes is very gratifying and part of the reason I enjoy this aspect of marketing so much.

Life with Seed

Making friends in a brand new city during a country-wide lockdown isn’t the easiest thing in the world! – Which is why I’m so happy to be working at Seed. Whilst I have only met many of my colleagues over a webcam, everyone at Seed has been so friendly and supportive regardless, and it’s a pleasure to be working alongside them. It’s exciting to be part of a company that is growing and expanding so quickly, and I’m looking forward to growing alongside it.

Working from home can be challenging at times, not being able to bounce ideas off colleagues just by swivelling a chair is certainly a disadvantage in this industry. Fortunately for me, most of the staff at Seed have refined this process digitally over the past year and it’s made working from home far easier than I’d imagine. Regular team calls and instant messaging means we have replicated the office environment digitally, although it will be nice to finally meet everyone face to face in the future!

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