Joining Seed: Welcome Patricia!


5th April, 2019

2 min


My name is Patricia, and guess what… just joined Seed a week ago as a marketing intern! I recently moved back to Brighton as I absolutely love this city – yes, even the weirdest things. It feels like home for me, and everyone fits in, which is a very special feeling.


Before Seed

After finishing my Masters at the University of Sussex I moved back to Portugal and within that year I kept missing Brighton so terribly up to a point I acknowledged I would have to come back – so I did. And here I am – enjoying my favourite city to live in England (and in the world too!). Many things could be mentioned about Brighton, although what I love the most is the open-minded atmosphere, the sea, the people, the food. It’s the right place to stay creative.

Within that year, I worked both in Portugal and Switzerland in the Marketing field, mostly content and social media related. Currently and finally Brighton based again, I started to focus on improving my career path and kept on short-listing company names and initiated my spontaneous applications, and then… got lucky enough to get an interview with Seed!


Life with Seed

From my perspective, there’s no better environment to improve and develop new skills than a laid-back company – not too corporate, not too formal. Although friendly and laid-back, Seed is truly committed and professional – relationships are as important as challenges and goals to be achieved.

Since the interview with Nick and Maisie I got a very positive feeling about Seed and it has been an absolute pleasure to be working here, learning and improving alongside the team. The environment is quite fun, creative and friendly. Growth is always inspired, both individually and as a team. It is like a small family, where everyone is very supportive but also respect each others space. It has been great and I’m super excited to continue this journey.

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