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26th March, 2019

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Another Member for the Seed Team

My name is Arun and I’m the newest member of the Seed Paid Media Team! I joined at the end of February but you know how long these things can take to write…. anyway I’ve finally managed to get this blog written.

Before Seed

Before joining Seed I have studied and worked in Brighton for just under 8 Years, I moved here from an advertising job at a Surfing Brand in Devon, trading life by the sea.. for life by the sea! Primarily, I relocated here to study International Business at the University of Brighton, but something about this city got me hooked, maybe it was the people, the food or the culture, once I graduated there was no chance of me moving and I decided to stay. I landed myself a Paid Media role at another Brighton agency and put in the years to build myself a career in digital, where I could specialise in PPC & Paid Social.

The years flash by and I’m older, maybe a tiny bit wiser, but I’m still working in Advertising, in fact, this Friday marks my 5th year working in the sector and I can’t see anything to suggest I will be changing this anytime soon!

Life with Seed

Company Culture is probably the most important thing to consider when looking for a job, you don’t want to work somewhere that’s too hierarchical or too corporate, you’ve got to find somewhere that will allow you to develop professionally, but on your terms, by providing you with new challenges and opportunities but leaving you to decide how to leverage them. Seed is a great example of this, from the first the moment I was interviewed with Nick & Robin I could tell they could provide me with something a little different than the other companies I was considering.

Seed is probably more like a family with Nick & Robin’s roles being the office parents, the rest of the team approach every challenge together. Accounts are managed collectively, allowing everyone to know the stories and goals behind the relationships we have with our clients. Treating relationships like this allows for a far more scalable and efficient approach.

In short, so far I’m really enjoying working at Seed and I can see myself honing my skills to become truly specialised in Digital, wherever it may take me.

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