Father’s Day 2023 In Review

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis

July 4, 2023

2 mins read

Father’s Day, is a commercial bonanza with a significant digital footprint. As a marketing agency, recognising the potential in these timely events is critical. In this article, we will examine the most compelling Father’s Day search trends derived from Google Search data.

Search Trends

Searches for ‘Father’s Day Gifts’ can be seen to massively ramp up starting in May.

Consistently, there’s a surge in Father’s Day-related searches leading up to the holiday itself. The majority of these searches happen in the eleventh hour, with a sizable peak observed a few days before the event.

We can see that this year the largest increase in search volume for ‘Father’s Day Gifts’ comes from Pinterest, Tiktok and Instagram rather than Google.

Experiences over material things

Despite ‘Father’s Day Gifts’ seeing a surge in search volume MoM, ‘Father’s Day’ has being seeing a consistent fall YoY, with a 14% decrease in search volume compared to last year.


Following the larger consumer trends of the year we’ve seen a shift to more and more people searching for experiences over material Father’s Day gifts. Lifestyle spending is expected to grow by 3.1% this year, and holiday spending by 4%, but retail growth is predicted to grow by just 1.7%.

Audience Demographic

The audience searching for Father’s day related terms this year was mainly female and 27% of them were aged 35-44.

Personalised Gifting

Demand for personalisation has been growing for a while. In a Survey from before Father’s Day in 2022, personalised gifts were on the shopping list for 46% of shoppers. According to Google search trends, ‘personalised Father’s Day gift’ was searched a total of 51,200 times between May and June last year – 15,000 more than the year before.

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