BIMA Apprenticeship kicks off with Coco

Maisie Franklin

Maisie Franklin

November 22, 2023

3 mins read

A little bit about me

Starting a new job, especially in a new field has felt both incredibly exciting and also daunting. Having completed my first week at Seed, I feel full of excitement, passion and interest. I have felt beyond welcomed by the lovely team, and in just five days I have absorbed a huge wealth of knowledge, and have been introduced to the wonderful world of digital marketing. 

Each week I will be posting a new blog about my experience this week and what I have learnt – stay tuned!

Week 1: Key takeaways

Hands-on learning has hugely benefited me this week, as I feel like I learn best when I am doing. I attended five important meetings, engaged in conversations with experienced colleagues, and even had the opportunity to go into BHASVIC  providing students with a digital marketing brief for their work experience. This immersive experience has not only expanded my vocabulary and familiarity with digital marketing terminology but also instilled newfound confidence in discussing digital marketing related topics.

Diving into digital marketing, PPC

During my first week, I have had the opportunity to dive into two critical areas of digital marketing: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) advertising and Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). Through online courses, practical tasks such as using keyword planner and google ads, Q and A discussions with Seedlings such as Brandon, I gained a deeper understanding of PPC, from its workings to the differences between e-commerce and lead generation. I now understand words used in PPC like broad search, funnel intent and typical data journey. Finally, witnessing the decision-making processes during the PPC meeting at Sea Lanes was inspiring and allowed me to see others generate ideas, problem solve and make critical decisions.

Employing active learning techniques

Through active learning this week, I have also gained an understanding of the  various marketing strategies Seed uses to help their clients grow their businesses. One of the other key strategies they focus on is SEO, which is the process of optimising a website to rank higher in search engine results pages (SERPs). I have learned that it plays a crucial role in enhancing website visibility in organic search engine rankings. Understanding the definition of organic search was a small step but a huge Eureka moment for me. I sat in meetings feeling clueless about what some words meant, and taking the time afterwards to research various terms such as organic search, traffic and SSO was immensely helpful to keeping in the loop during meetings. 

Weekly round up

Upon reflection of my first week at Seed, I feel thrilled with the amount I have learned and excited to see what the rest of my time here will bring. I feel grateful for all the help that I have received and the time and effort that has been put into this apprenticeship. While I recognise that I have a very long way to go, I am proud of my progress.

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