Jon Hunt

Senior Paid Media Specialist

With an array of exotic, delicious food places on offer for lunch in Brighton – Jon is committed to his homemade pesto pasta 5 days a week, just like he is his PPC accounts.

Never one to let a challenge stop him, Jon always looks for innovative ways to improve campaign performance, whether that includes Chatbot Engineering, Google Ads optimisation or HTML5 ads creation.

Jon can regularly be seen bouncing his leg shaking the table (much to the displeasure of his pod members), clicking his fingers as if he were at a rave or tripping over his own feet – almost expected as the token 6 foot+ guy in the office right? Despite all of this, Jon is known around the office for his dedication and hard work to his work, experimenting with the perfect fusion to get the best results.

Are we talking about pesto pasta or PPC, with Jon we never know…

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Jon Hunt