Emma Winter

Graphic Design

Emma has taken the long and windy path to Seed, to put it in terms more comprehensible, 97.32 laps of the M25 on a Monday morning during rush hour! If we were to make a comparison that’s also the miles covered from London to Auckland, which is probably a more accurate description of the journey taken.

Although she is not a Kiwi, fruit or otherwise, this is where she was delivered to Seed from. Having travelled extensively during most of her 20s, this lead to a very delayed start to her career as a Graphic Designer, which she began over 10 years ago. A bit like the repairs to Big Ben or the “upgrade” to a Smart Motorway on the M20!

To put what she does into layman’s terms, she makes stuff pretty. And yes, like Emma, you can study how to achieve this, but mostly you just need to know how to put images and text together in an appealing way. On her days off you’ll most likely find her in downward facing dog, or pigeon pose (or some other strange creature position), at a yoga class… obviously. And if she couldn’t get any more hippyish, she’s also vegan, #doingitfortheanimals. Hoping the array of vegan restaurants in Brighton would be sufficiently more varied and satisfying than the one pub in her local town.

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Emma Winter