Gareth Southgate’s 5 Top Tips For SEO Success

Ryan Hooker

Ryan Hooker

February 20, 2024

6 mins read

Gareth Southgate leads England to the Euro 2020 Knockout stage on Tuesday evening against mighty Germany. After 55 years of hurt, many England fans will be hoping a trophy will be coming home this tournament.

Football’s all about dreaming, nothing is impossible & SEO is exactly the same. I pulled together 5 tips I believe Southgate has used to take England to the round of 16 that are also relevant to SEO success:

5 Top Tips For SEO Success

1 – Learn Your Teams Strengths & Weaknesses

Before Euro 2020 Gareth Southgate had to pull together a team of 26 players that he felt could win the whole competition. The aim is to always include your best players, alongside a few experienced pro’s and including versatile players that can play in a number of positions. England is now the youngest team left in the competition & I think it’s fair to say that Southgate has picked a squad that includes England’s most in-form players going into the tournament (Lingard might have something to say about that).

However, he wouldn’t have been able to pick his squad without checking statistical data first or even consulting with a sport scientist. It can be said in SEO that if you’re not keeping up to date with your analytical data to spot trends, drops, increases etc your never progress. There are many tools out there to choose from to help you with this, but if you’re not willing to pay for any tools straight away, the free version of Google Analytics is the best place to start to gain an overall picture of where your business is at.

The first top tip for SEO Success would be to use Google Analytics to understand your user’s behaviour, track website landing pages, view valuable audience data & see what the website revenue is for all marketing channels. With all this information you’re able to shape a winning strategy & discover things you probably never knew about your website. I recommend creating custom reports to track key metrics, it will save you lots of time in the long run.

2 – Compete With Your Rivals

Search Engine Result Pages (SERP) can be viewed very similar to the Euro 2020 Group Stage. The so-called “big boys” will always grab the most attention by having the higher listing, however, if the Hungary vs Germany game was anything to go by, it shows how even the smaller nations can put up a fight even if they are further down the listings!

The second top tip for SEO success would be to monitor competitor keyword rankings will allow you to track any new landing pages/ content against the competitive keyword you’re trying to rank for in order to rank higher for it. Using these competitor insights, you can choose to improve your content/landing pages to outrank the competitors for the keywords they began to go for.

Keeping on top of how your competitor’s domains perform in search, can provide key insight that only keyword rankings can reveal. Just like in the Euro 2020 group stages, where a team finishes in their group can give a great indication of how far they can go in the knockout rounds.

3 – Do It For The Fans

We’ve seen since the start of Euro 2020 how important fans are for the sport, with thousands now being allowed back in stadiums and creating the atmosphere the players have craved for months since the Coronavirus pandemic hit.

Football really isn’t the same without the fans & this is exactly the same when it comes to the users visiting your website. For example, if a team plays poorly the fans don’t turn up, with the equivalent in SEO being that if the website is poor users won’t visit it.

My third top tip for SEO success would be to focus on user experience as it has become a key component of SEO campaigns in how a user interacts with the perceptions of utility, ease of use, and efficiency of the website. A great user interface is so seamless that we don’t even need to think about it. We use it, get what we need, and move on. However, if the visitor has a poor user experience they tend to get impatient and leave the website. Which in the long term will cause negative experiences for the user and increase bounces rates.

4 – Speedsters Are Important

Pace has become a key attribute in the modern game, with players such as Rashford, Sterling & Sancho being so devastating on counter-attacks, it suits England to play this way in the Knockout rounds should they want to progress and perform against the top nations.

My fourth top tip for SEO success would be to check your Website Speeds. They have become an important factor when it comes to user experience, site traffic, and SEO. Websites that are optimised for performance have huge advantages over slow websites, users want to get to the end goal of their search as soon as possible. A few ways to improve site speed would be to compress image size, reduce server response times & minify page HTML.

5 – Be Tactical

Throughout the knockout rounds, Gareth Southgate will be tweaking his tactics by switching between 2 formations, the 4-2-3-1 & the 5 back. The importance of individual & unique roles in these formations could be key if England is to have success in Euro 2020.

The final top tip for SEO would be to remember a simple message – All SEO components contribute to the same goal – ‘increasing the Websites Domain authority’ to have keywords that rank well in search engines. All SEO strategies are just as important as each other and should all be considered when finding the winning formula. It’s important to tweak tactics and stay on top of the opposition and make it tough for them to compete with you.


To summarise, these 5 Top Tips for SEO Success are to be used to improve your SEO marketing strategies. Throughout SEO there are many factors that contribute to increasing your domain score, we encourage you to follow these tips alongside many other top tips throughout the Seed blog.

I recommend looking at other key aspects of your website including: Meta Descriptions, Content Writing, & Conversion optimisation. As well as keeping to date with the most recent Google Algorithm updates.


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