Creating Quality SEO Content That Ranks

Annabelle Roberts

Annabelle Roberts

November 20, 2020

4 mins read

Content is a crucial part of any SEO strategy. However, a robust and effective approach is much more than simply writing content. The content needs to appeal to your target audience and also solve their particular problem.

By creating content that meets the needs of an audience, you can establish authority in that topic area. SEO is the process of driving quality traffic to your desired website, and a good SEO content strategy enhances these results.

What is SEO content?

Primarily, SEO content refers to the content and structure of the content on web pages. It also encompasses how both of these elements help with ranking in search engines. It is essential to create a content strategy that is fit for your audience. Therefore, you need to create content with the audience’s needs in mind.

Understanding an audience’s intentions behind their searches will make it easier for you to solve their queries. Start by listing articles and topics that will resonate and address the needs of the audience.

Before even creating content, it’s vital to define your goals and how your content will work towards these goals.

Establishing keywords

You’ve already established the articles and topics that are of interest to your audience.

Now take the time to research keywords. It’s keywords and key phrases that will bring targeted visitors to a site. Therefore, keywords should be based on your business, products, expertise, and audience’s search intent. Ensure the use of short and long-tail keywords that allow you to dig deeper into your chosen topic.

Be mindful of where these keywords are placed within the content. We recommend that at least one of your keywords is used within the content title. It’s also vital to use keywords sparingly within the piece. Over-using keywords can appear as spam to some search engines and will be detrimental to the goals set.

An article should include keywords that the targeted audience would use to search and address and solve their problem.

Copywriting fit for purpose

Finally, it’s time to create content. While writing content, always make sure to have the targeted visitor in mind. The more comprehensive, the better as you will be addressing their needs and providing them with the necessary information.

Take into consideration the readability of your content. Take note of sentence and paragraph length, as well as character length. Imagine that you are a user visiting your site, how easy is the content to read?

Is text spaced out well?

Is it visually appealing? Content that includes imagery and videos is a lot more visually appealing than text alone.

All of the above is essential for attracting visitors and keeping them coming back to your site.

Be aware of the length of your content. While shorter content can still rank well, longer content provides search engines with more information on the topic of your webpage. It also increases the possibility of answering the targeted visitor’s search query.

Ensure you have optimised your content for SEO. There are several tools and add-ons at your disposal that address the optimisation of content.

Analyse, analyse, analyse

Lastly, look at how your content performs.

Although it will take some time to see real results, doing so will provide you with an overview of what worked well and what did not. This analysis will enable you to take your SEO content one step further in the future.

Making sure that you have optimised your content for search engines will go a long way in helping with your website’s ranking. Keeping the above in mind when planning and writing will ensure that your piece performs well and achieves your desired outcomes.

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