Google November 2021 Core Update



February 20, 2024

3 mins read

Google rolled out a new broad core algorithm update on Wednesday 17th November 2021, this will be the third core algorithm update that has been released in 2021. We expect that the broad core algorithm update should be completed within two weeks. 

Google announced this rollout on the Google Search Central Twitter account and surprisingly not the Search Liaison account, which has announced all previous Google core algorithm updates. It’s quite surprising to see Google roll out a core algorithm update in a month which is seen as the busiest for E-commerce websites. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday less than a week away and Christmas just around the corner. Again – Google likes to keep us on our toes…

November Google Core Algorithm Update: First Thoughts

After initial data from various SEO experts across the UK and US, it appears that some industries that have been heavily impacted by the core algorithm update are News/Media, Travel, E-commerce and Health. However, this is from a small amount of data, if you are a part of one of those industries it’s always best to wait a few days or even weeks before making any improvements or changes to your site. Remember to always make a note of where you are at the beginning of the update so that you can compare your data after a few weeks. 

What we can gather from previous algorithm updates over the last year or so, is that Google wants to put a real focus on E-A-T signals and link spam. So, if your site is affected by the November broad core algorithm update then it may be worth looking in your backlink profile and removing or disavowing any toxic backlinks, whilst also revisiting E-A-T: “Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness” for some of the most important pages of your site. On a  positive note, these Google Algorithm updates ensure that we are following best practices, and providing the best user experience possible to our audience.

The November Core Update: What To Look Out For 

It can be easy to panic when a Google algorithm update has been rolled out, especially when you start to see keyword rankings on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs) drop. But in all honesty, it is better to wait and see if your website and rankings have been affected.

We all know that Google is extremely secretive with algorithm updates and provides us with very little, if not any information on board core updates. So, instead of panicking, start by doing some research and look into what other credible SEOs are saying about the update. If you’re doing SEO right and following best practices, then it’ll be rare for your site to be impacted negatively. 

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