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Boosting Leads for Travel Education Industry amidst Pandemic Restrictions.


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Work the World is a company that tailors healthcare placements for healthcare students and professionals in Asia and Africa. They cater to quite a niche audience: students in the medical field.

Seed started working with Work the World in Jan 2020, just before the pandemic erupted. Since all of their elective placements are overseas, the business definitely felt the impact of all the travel restrictions. Still, we were up for the challenge and were committed to tide them over during this period.

Towards the end of 2020, travel restrictions were slowly easing up, with more and more countries opening their borders to foreigners. As such, we found this as  a good opportunity for Work the World to ramp up their paid social campaigns to promote their programmes, highlighting important messages such as their flexible booking options.

Our Approach

Based on the nature of the business, audiences are not likely to convert within the first instance of being exposed to the brand; and once they do, there’s not likely to be a repeat conversion. This meant that we had to have a remarketing strategy that nurtured audiences from awareness to conversion, as well as a prospecting strategy that constantly gave us new leads to pursue.

We tested different audiences, including interest and location based audiences, as well as custom audiences from their email list. We also tried a variety of ad formats: photos, videos, and carousels, along with different messaging angles.

The Results

With our continued Paid Social efforts which consisted of campaign management and optimisation, as well as strategy development and creative production, we’ve constantly been able to achieve our targets.

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