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Mulberry Bush 

+227% increase in organic traffic, +50% increase in revenue, +80% increase in transactions, and reduced PPC CPC by 70%.

+227% increase in organic traffic.

+50% increase in revenue.

+80% increase in transactions.


Growing organic traffic, launching Google Ads, and increasing revenue by 50% year-on-year.

Mulberry Bush are a family run business who specialise in innovative and traditional wooden toys for toddlers and children. They got in touch with us in 2016 after seeing their traffic and revenue dropping year on year.

Mulberry Bush wants to be positioned as the leading traditional wooden toy shop for children, by delivering on their brand values of excellent customer service, high quality products, and complete peace of mind for their customers.

The core aim of our partnership with Mulberry Bush was to stop the year-on-year decline in organic traffic and revenue that they had experienced while working with their previous agency. Alongside this, they were keen to explore Paid Search as an additional channel to generate a new source of revenue from.

Seed are a young and enthusiastic bunch and their positivity rubs off on us every time we meet up! Results have been fantastic. Seed have helped us grow our organic traffic while growing our PPC from zero to being an important sales channel for us. I would wholehearted recommend them!

Paul Copeland

Director at Mulberry Bush

Getting to the top of Google for “Wooden Toys”.

Initially we worked closely with their website developers to identify and fix all existing technical, hierarchical, and content-based SEO issues with the website.

We quickly identified the most important keywords that the website needed to rank on the first page for, most notably “Wooden Toys” which had a monthly search volume of 9,000 searches in the UK.

Within 3-months our SEO support including onsite optimisation, Meta Data optimisation, Technical SEO, and link building – we had not only stabilised the year-on-year drop in traffic, but had started to increase revenue earned from Organic Search.

We also achieved a fantastic increase in keyword rankings, most notably improving “Wooden Toys” from page 2 to page 1, position 1.

Launching Google Ads as a new marketing channel and achieving an additional 35% in revenue.

We launched Google Ads for Mulberry Bush as a new marketing channel in 2016 and quickly saw good results from margin-based Google Shopping campaigns where we used Target ROAS based on individual product margins.

Since then, we’ve continued to see fantastic results from Google Ads year-on-year, with the channel now delivering an additional 35% on top of the brand’s annual revenue.

We run a highly targeted Single Keyword Ad Group Search Ads structure for all category and sub-categories across the website in cohesion with segmented Google Shopping Ads to target products.

We’ve reduced CPC by 70% and continue to see a +78% increase in revenue earned through Paid Search year-on-year.

The Results

We’re hugely proud of the fantastic results we’ve achieved with Mulberry Bush, but more-so with the step forwards we’ve supported the business take with digital transformation of the marketing efforts.

  • +227% increase in Organic traffic.
  • 80% increase in website transactions.
  • 50% increase in website revenue.

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