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Alicia Pilling

Alicia Pilling

March 2, 2021

3 mins read

I’m Alicia, the newest apprentice on the scene! Having only worked in this role for two weeks so far, I am new to both the digital marketing industry and Seed. I moved to Brighton during University and have had no desire to leave the city since; I am longing for the buzzing creativity of Brighton to return after lockdown. The creative industry is where my passion lies and this is how it led to my introduction to Seed.

Life Before Seed

Whilst completing a degree in music, I was working at a bar in Hove to stay living in the area and experience the world of live music and gigs. The people I was fortunate to have met and the experiences I was lucky to have made, meant shaking 20 different cocktails during happy hour all worth the while.

Graduating shortly before a pandemic was a strange experience that felt like my career aspirations had gone from ambitious to non-existent and I struggled to find my place in society. I was unsure of the exact career that I wanted to pursue, but in a strange way lockdown was the kick that I needed and long enough time that I could spend analysing what I enjoyed doing, combined with what I was good at and I quickly leaned towards digital media. I am good at creating things, e.g. drawings, photography/ video content and most importantly music, but all of this came back to one thing. How do I promote these? What’s the best way to reach and build an audience?

After peering into the world of digital marketing, I found that each new aspect I discovered was just as interesting as creating the content itself. It was a part of the industry that was not only compatible during these times – but something that would truly grip my fascination.

Life With Seed

Securing an apprenticeship was an amazing feeling. Securing an apprenticeship with Seed was even better! It means I’m lucky to have the opportunity to delve into the four different areas of the digital marketing industry: starting with PPC, Paid Social, SEO and Project Management.

My time will be split between them and towards the end of my apprenticeship, I will choose which area resonated the most with my interests and skills – the perfect way to decide your career. Seed so far has already introduced me to a thriving work culture and I couldn’t have joined a nicer group of people, all very knowledgeable of the industry and generous in their time towards helping me achieve the same.

Within just two weeks of being a part of the team and despite the challenge of starting a new job remotely, I feel I have learnt so much already and I am excited to continue my digital marketing journey with Seed.

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