Signs Your SEO Strategy Is In Need Of A Spring Clean

Annie Jackson

Annie Jackson

March 28, 2019

4 mins read

Don’t neglect your SEO this spring!

Spring is officially underway, for millions that means rolling up the sleeves and giving the home an in-depth ‘spring clean’. Your SEO strategy might be in need of the same treatment.

In the UK 73% of the population engage in spring cleaning every year. It is a time for organising and decluttering, getting rid of what you no longer need, evaluating the need for what remains and generally optimising the space you live in. Though your SEO strategy may not be what you first think of when it comes to ‘cleaning’, spring is the perfect time to re-evaluate its efficiency and whether or not things need to change.

We take a look at some of the tell-tale signs your SEO strategy needs a spring clean.

You’ve lost focus of the original plan

The original strategy you and your team initially outlined may have been a good theory, but put this into practice and efforts can steer off track. Whatever the objective of your SEO strategy, a spring clean review can help efforts stay in line and ensure your team meet the strategy you began with. Take the time to take a step back and answer the question, ‘Are we still focused on the original plan?’, this will invaluably help maintain an effective SEO strategy and keep your business heading in the right direction.

You can’t see the bigger picture

It is easy for assumptions to get in the way of our productivity. Therefore, it’s important to challenge, making sure we are actioning decisions for the right reasons. Are you just implementing tasks because you assume they are the right actions to take? Don’t let this hinder your campaign’s effectiveness, take a moment to spring clean your vision and clear your thoughts. Allowing time to reset expectations will help you remain objective, which is very important to keep SEO a success.

You’ve picked up some bad habits

Habit [noun] a regular practice, especially one that is hard to give up. A spontaneous action one day can become a habit very quickly. Once a bad habit is embedded in everyday life they become notoriously hard to give up, as creatures of habit we simply push forward and continue without recognising their negative effects. Therefore, it is vital that you make an effort with this years spring clean to work out which habits are helpful and which are not. From there you can make a plan to stamp out those that are hampering SEO efforts and get yourself back on track!

You’ve fallen behind the new trends and technologies

The SEO and tech world is changing constantly. Although staying focused on your SEO strategy is a good thing, your attention may stray away from the newest trends, which unfortunately means you can easily fall behind. It is always key to stay ahead of new trends and technologies and to always be prepared to adapt for any Google algorithm updates. While spring cleaning this year stop to observe any changes you might have missed – stay on top of the game and maintain a winning SEO strategy!

Spring cleaning isn’t just for the home

There are several ways to spring clean your SEO strategy, and recognising the tell-tale signs yours is in need of some TLC is key. Start the summer fresh and ready, not just in the home but in your business too. Recognising areas for improvement helps campaigns learn and adapt, even if results are not seen right away, you’ll at least optimise your efforts and work more efficiently. Only with a spring clean full of reflection and evaluation can you SEO campaign be a success!

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