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Marie Dela Rosa

Marie Dela Rosa

October 1, 2021

2 mins read

About Me

Hi! My name’s Marie and I’m the new Paid Social team member at Seed! My life’s pleasures include constantly planning what to eat next, finding beautiful parks and gardens to visit, creating video content for personal use and social sharing, and overcoming my laziness to workout at any given day.

I like to think I’m a pretty ‘normal’ person, though I do have a few idiosyncrasies – loving chocolates but hating its smell on my hands, being particularly paranoid about the quality of my drinking water, and wanting to be a minimalist when I have 4 luggages of clothes in seasonal rotation.

Life Before Seed

I grew up, finished my studies, and started a career in advertising in the Philippines. In 2015, I moved to Singapore to get my first taste of real adult independence. It was also there that I got immersed in the world of social – working with incredible brands and even racking up a few awards!

In the-year-that-must-not-be-named (a.k.a. 2020 shhh), I moved to the UK to start a new adventure with my husband. Most of the time I’ve been here have sadly been spent at home due to lockdown, but things are easing up and I’m feeling more optimistic about exploring new places. On my travel list this summer: Cornwall, Bath, Salisbury, the Cotswolds, and hopefully some parts of Scotland too!

Life With Seed

In addition to wandering around the UK, I’ve also been very eager to meet people and make friends since I got here. That’s why it’s so fab to be part of Seed – so many fun and vibrant people in the team! Everybody’s been so kind and lovely and helpful since day one. Robin and Nick told me during my interview that the company has a very collaborative culture – and I have to say that has proven to be very true. 

In addition to the fantastic camaraderie, I’m very pleased to be in a pro-learning environment. Love that we’re encouraged to spend time on researching topics that could help us do our jobs better, which is especially important for something as fluid as social media!

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