Seed Welcomes Ally & Nea!

Maisie Franklin

Maisie Franklin

December 7, 2021

5 mins read

Welcome to Seed – Ally!

Hi! I’m Ally and I’ve recently joined Seed as one of their Graphic Designers. Six weeks on and I’ve finally put this welcome blog together (why are these things so hard to put into words?). Anyway, a few facts about me: being outdoors is my favourite past-time. Immersing yourself in nature is the ultimate escape for me and has increased my awareness of environmental issues.

I plan everything, organisation is beyond a hobby… and my cat is my life, enough said. I am local to Brighton, so spent a lot of my teenage years exploring the city and seeking out the quirkiest shops in the Lanes. Having lived in the South East all my life, I love making the most of what this beautiful part of the country has to offer. I’m keen to see the world, although I’m not the luckiest globe trotter. Flying out to the other side of the world as lockdown hit, I spent the majority of my trip desperately searching for a means to get home again #oops!

Life Before Seed

My zeal for design started at a young age. As a child I would spend endless hours designing and creating greeting cards. I chose creative subjects at college and spent every waking hour trying to make my numerous design sketchbooks as bulky as possible, with every kind of material bursting out… which made the journey to college feel like an assault course… (art students will understand). I kick-started my career as a Junior Graphic Designer at a local publisher.

From here, I started learning my graphic design skills, which led me further into design roles where I continued to evolve… “Every day is a school day eh?”.I started freelancing in 2020. This gave me the opportunity to collaborate with some very exciting brands. I was fortunate enough to work on a variety of projects, which involved all aspects of design. As much as I loved being freelance, I missed the interaction with team members, working on projects together and bouncing ideas off one another.

Life With Seed

A designer’s dream is to have the freedom to be creative, explore and develop… which is exactly what Seed offers. The first thing that struck me with Seed was simply how welcoming, accommodating and happy everyone is! Seed offers a great work / life balance, which is something that has become so important to everyone recently.It’s so refreshing to be a part of a team who encourages self development. Every Friday afternoon gives us the opportunity to further our knowledge and skills, which is super important in the ever-evolving world of design.

They certainly don’t shy away from social events either. With a gathering to mark every occasion on the calendar, these guys are professionals at bettering their “collaborative culture”. Whether that’s a charity beach clean, an office bake-off or a fancy dress party. You name it, Seed does it.I am excited to be given the opportunity to grow with Seed. I feel extremely honoured to be working with this insanely talented bunch and look forward to seeing where my journey at Seed takes me. Here’s to the future!

Welcome to Seed – Nea!

Hello! My name is Nea, I’m a graphic designer and proudly a Seedling since October. Working in the design team has been an absolute pleasure and it’s hard to believe that it’s already been two months! Everyone has been so friendly, supportive and welcoming, not only to Seed but as I’m new to Brighton as well.

Life Before Seed

I originally come from Finland, where I gained a great endurance for freezing weathers and mosquito bites. I consider growing up Finnish a great asset in my professional life as we are known to be hardworking, punctual and persevering. In my spare-time I’m less of an advocate to the Finnish lifestyle since I can barely ski and definitely cannot skate, however, I do miss a good sauna!I come from a family of graphic designers, so I grew up playing with print paper samples and FreeHand – if anyone remembers life before Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator? I would design my own birthday party invites to proudly hand over to my friends at school and created album covers for the ‘Nea’s Favourites’ burnt CDs I would put together every year (did I just confess to the crime of systematic piracy?).

Officially I started my career in 2014 at my father’s advertising agency doing mostly illustration and copywriting, but I also found out that I was actually quite good at graphic design as well – who would have guessed?! Fast forward to today and I have two degrees’ worth of knowledge in graphic design, marketing and video productions. I moved to England in 2018 to do an exchange year with a crystal clear intention to use the opportunity to get my foot in the door for a permanent stay. I lived in Devon until this September when I came to Brighton in search for new opportunities and adventures. After freelancing through the pandemic I started to miss working in an office environment and felt like it was time to take the next step on my career.

Life With Seed

Working as a graphic designer at Seed has been the perfect fit for plans!At Seed I have learned a lot about the work and expertise that goes into producing digital marketing that generates real results. Matching those standards as a designer and creating visuals that push the hard work done by everyone in the PPC, SEO and Paid Social teams one step further is the kind of challenge I needed. Working with a varied and expanding spectrum of clients, channelling their visual languages, quite literally gives a ray of different colours to my days as a graphic designer.

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