Microsoft Store Ads, Updates and Global Roll-Out

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis

June 12, 2023

3 mins read

At their annual Microsoft Build Conference, Microsoft announced plans to expand their new Store Ads globally into 150 regions.

Alongside this global expansion, they have unveiled new features and improvements to their current offering. We’ve dived into these new features and enhancements below.

Global Expansion

Microsoft launched Store Ads in 2022 to help development companies and advertisers increase the visibility of apps and games within the Microsoft Store platform. These ads work similarly to Apple’s App Store ads and ad placements in the Google Play Store.

Microsoft announced during their recent Build Conference that the reach of Microsoft Store Ads would extend beyond the US to cover more than 150 regions worldwide starting in June 2023.


Simplifying Advertising

With their new updates, Microsoft aims to streamline the process of creating ads for your business. That’s why they’ve unveiled an improved onboarding experience for Microsoft Store Ads, enabling advertisers to conveniently set up ad placements.

One of the tools they’ve designed to help advertisers is Premium Search Ads, a feature providing visual and prominent ad placement to help advertisers connect with customers.

Advertisers can now use this feature to highlight their apps on the Microsoft Store.


Utilising Bing

Microsoft has said that Store Ads will also now extend beyond just the Microsoft Store on Windows and will include placements on the Bing search results page. This change will massively extend their reach and open them up to over 900 million searches on Bing daily. 


Better UI

Alongside bettering the onboarding experience, , Microsoft has worked on improving its User Interface to make it easier for advertisers to set up and launch campaigns.

With Store Ads, you can now connect your ad account to your app with a single click, and you can search for apps by app name, store I.D., publisher name, or seller I.D.

Additionally, advertisers can now track and analyse app installations, in-app purchases, and customer engagement within the app and using the Microsoft Advertising Software Development Kit (SDK), advertisers can re-target audiences on the Microsoft Network.


In conclusion, these new features and changes will massively improve this ad type and make them a lot easier for advertisers to create and optimise. We’ll follow up if we have the opportunity to use them.


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