May Marketing Updates

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis

February 20, 2024

3 mins read

What’s Changed in marketing in the last quarter?

Over the last few months, there have been some pretty big changes across various organic and paid channels.

There have, however, been some common changes across a couple of channels and we can see a continued focus on organic, user-generated content which can be seen below.


  • Google Tests a new SERP section called ‘What People Are Saying’  which is a section featuring Reddit and Quora answers to questions. (Link)
  • Brave Search and DuckDuckGo will no longer support Google AMP due to privacy issues. (Link)

Social Media


  • Snapchat adds 13 million new users in Q1 2022 which is more than both Twitter and Facebook making it one if not the fastest growing social media platform right now(Link)
  • Snapchat announced it will enable mid-roll ads for Top Creators. (Link).  The revenue will be split between Snapchat and the creator but this exact split hasn’t been made clear yet. Although they have mentioned it is based on a formula that takes into account post frequency and audience. Perhaps something similar to YouTube mid-roll ads.
  • Snapchat levelled up its AR shopping features with real-time pricing and more product details.


  • LinkedIn launched a podcast network. (Link)
  • LinkedIn acquired marketing analytics company Oribi. (Link)
  • LinkedIn added Newsletter Option for company pages and updated Campaign manager navigation. (Link)


  • Meta: You can now add Music to your Facebook comments (Link)
  • Facebook fined $18.6M over a string of 2018 breaches of EU’s GDPR. (Link)
  • A New Data transfer agreement will ensure that Facebook and Instagram remain operational in the EU. (Link)


  • Instagram is updating its ranking algorithm to put more focus on Original Content. (Link) Could this stop the influx of TikTok reposts on the platform?
  • Instagram is testing a new reels template feature which allows creators to copy formats from other reels. (Link)
  • Instagram is changing how hashtags work on the app by experimenting with removing the recent tab from the hashtags section. (Link)
  • Instagram launched a new “subscription” feature for creators and businesses to monetise through paid content. (Link)
  • Instagram Launches a new creator lab to help creators maximise their On-Platform Performance. (Link)
  • Instagram relaunched the old chronological feed.
  • Instagram removed In-stream Ads from its Advertising Options which hints to us about the new feed style.


  • TikTok increased its video limit to 10-minutes. (Link)
  • TikTok launches Search Ads in Beta for selected Advertising partners. (Link)


  • Twitter started testing new interactive Ads to boost ad promotional appeal. (Link

Other updates

  • Sony & Microsoft are planning to integrate in-game Ads into their gaming platforms Xbox and PlayStation.(Link) Learn more about successful in-game marketing ads here.
  • YouTube adds a new Shorts Shelf to Trending Tab to show Top Shorts in an alternative section. (Link)
  • The idea of advertising on Netflix is going viral after they fail to keep up with growth and post poorer revenue performance than anticipated. (Link)
  • Tumblr introduces a tipping feature. (Link)
  • “Digital Markets Act” issued in Europe is causing lots of tension in the Tech industry. (Link)

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