Marketing Updates – Round 4

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis

November 18, 2022

3 mins read

Another month on, which means even more updates are coming your way from the digital world.

I have compiled this summary of my top picks for SEO, Social, PPC, and more, with some of my most exciting finds!


  • Google Lets You Disable Targeted Ads & Keep Personalized Searches (Link)
  • Google makes audio ads available for all advertisers (Link)
  • Google Ads has 3 new reporting columns (Link)
  • Google Ads releases 3 new video ad templates (Link)
  • Google Analytics has discontinued store visits reporting (Link)
  • Schedule PMax asset groups for seasonal campaigns (Link)


  • Organic shopping listings are more critical than ever (Link)
  • Google October 2022 Spam Update Completed (Link)
  • Google unveils new visual shopping experience (Link)

Social Media


  • Tiktok’s Pulse program helps creators get more revenue (Link)
  • Tiktok releases smart performance campaigns (Link)
  • Tiktok raises age limits for Tiktok live (Link)
  • Tiktok releases new editing features (Link)
  • New ‘Smart Performance Campaign’ with new ad formats powered by more data (Link)


  • Meta adds new ways to improve engagement within groups (Link)
  • Meta expands the ability to display NFTs on your profile to another 100 countries (Link)
  • Branded content tags now available for all Reels creators (Link)
  • Meta forced to sell Giphy by UK watchdog (Link)
  • New types of Reels and video ads (Link)
  • Meta ends support for Instant Articles


  • Instagram is testing an in-app scheduling tool for posts and reels (Link)
  • Instagram beats Tiktok for the most downloaded app of the last quarter (Link)
  • Instagram is testing adding songs to your profile (Link)
  • Increasing the number of ads you see on your profile feed (Link)
  • Testing new ‘Achievement badges’ to incentivise Reels creators (Link)


  • Twitter gets purchased by Elon Musk (Link)
  • Twitter’s new API v2 to include Direct Messages Access (Link)
  • Twitter’s New API with edited tweet feature is out now (Link)
  • Twitter expands Campaign Planner To 15 More Countries (Link)
  • Twitter is rolling out pop ups about sharing tweets instead of screenshots (Link)


  • Snapchat+ users can now decide when their stories expire (Link)


  • Music deals that allow you to add tracks to your pins (Link)
  • Pinterest partners with the Louvre to advance its video content offering (Link)


  • LinkedIn adds automatic captions to videos (Link)
  • LinkedIn rolls out 3 page updates (Link)
  • LinkedIn launched Document ads (Link)


  • YouTube Announces New Ad Options, Including ‘Moment Blast’ and Expanded Audio Placements (Link)
  • YouTube premium gets large price hike in the US, UK and more (Link)
  • YouTube Shorts now have Voiceover Feature like IG & Tiktok (Link)
  • YouTube launches usernames for every YouTube Channel Owner (Link)
  • YouTube launches new updated Analytics UI in YouTube Studio App (Link)
  • YouTube extends Product Feeds to Discovery Ads (Link)


  • Uber unveils ‘Journey Ads’ to reach users mid-journey (Link)
  • Whatsapp is testing editing messages after 15 minutes  (Link)

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