Marketing Updates – July 2022

Benjamin Davis

Benjamin Davis

July 19, 2022

3 mins read

What’s Changed?


  • A New Type of Search Snippet is In testing (Link)
  • Google Search is testing Explore Section (Link)
  • Google testing new featured snippet layouts (Link)
  • Google News Tests Frequently Asked Questions Based On Trending Searches (Link)
  • Bing tests Secure & HTTPS label on search results snippet (Link)


Social Media


  • Tiktok has been testing mini-games ahead of a ‘major gaming push’ (Link)
  • TikTok’s launching Twitch-like subscriptions in beta on Thursday (Link)
  • Tiktok partnered with Social Media Management Tools like Later and Sprout social to help their users auto-publish Content (Link)
  • Tiktok Adds New Lead Generation Feature to its Business App (Link)
  • TikTok To Show Who Viewed Your Posts (Link)
  • TikTok campaign measurement with flexible attribution windows (Link)


  • Meta opens up WhatsApp Cloud API to attract more businesses to WhatsApp Marketing (Link)
  • Facebook and Instagram to make public more details on how their ads target users (Link)
  • Meta introduced Facebook Graph And Marketing API v14.0 (Link)
  • Meta is launching an Avatar store like Snapchat (Link)
  • Meta adds more Reels Creation Options on Instagram and Facebook (Link)
  • WhatsApp now lets you hide your Profile Photo, Last seen and more (Link)


  • Instagram  is working on Reactions For Videos (Link)
  • Instagram is testing A Full-Screen Experience Test like TikTok (Link)
  • New ways to verify age on Instagram (Link)
  • Instagram is testing new AR elements within stories for NFTs (Link)
  • Instagram is working on helping you share notes with close friends and follow backs (Link)
  • Instagram has added features to their upcoming subscription feature (Link)


  • Twitter agrees to Pay $150 Million in Privacy Settlements (Link)
  • Twitter (accidentally?) removes no-follow attribute from links in Tweets (Link)
  • Twitter now allows Local businesses to display location and contact info on their profile (Link)
  • Twitter is testing “Note”, a new long-form content format like blogs (Link)
  • Twitter partners with Spotify to help you advertise products better with one-click (Link)


  • eBay sellers can now share listings on Snapchat (Link)
  • Snapchat stocks tank 43% after being the fastest to grow in the first quarter (Link)
  • Snapchat Tests a New Paid Subscription for exclusive access to new features (Link)

YouTube Shorts

  • YouTube Shorts are now viewed by more than 1.5 billion YouTube Users (Link)


  • Pinterest launched Idea Ads and Paid Participation Tool (Link)
  • Pinterest lands largest Content Deal ever with Tastemade (Link)


  • Linked “Funny” Reaction is officially live (Link)


  • Reddit acquires Spell to improve contextual Matching Results means better search results (Link)



  • Google Marketing Live (May 24th) announced a lot of changes and new features across Google’s marketing offering (Link)
  • Google’s Creative Ad Studio is now available to all businesses (Link)
  • Google adds bounce rate, UTM parameters and conversion rate to GA4 (Link)


  • Google launches video health tools to help publisher monetisation (Link)
  • WordPress 6.0 is here with new features and improvements (Link)
  • Firefox rolls out Total Cookies Protection by default (Link)
  • Microsoft Bing is building a new retail marketplace (Link)
  • Netflix confirms An Ad-supported Tier is coming to the platform (Link)
  • Google Removes the Google My Business mobile app (Link)

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