Joining Seed: 3 Months On With Annie and Maisie

Maisie Franklin

Maisie Franklin

January 25, 2019

5 mins read

New Members For The Seed Team

Joining Seed – Annie

I’m Annie, a new(ish) member here at Seed! I joined the team 4 months ago, having just relocated down to Brighton. I absolutely love the quirky and independent vibes from this city and although I am a country girl at heart, Brighton has quickly become one of my favourite places to explore.

Life before Seed

Before Seed, I was working in Tignes – a ski resort in the glorious French Alps. While I was abroad I juggled two jobs, a chalet hosting role & a marketing position for a startup company. I loved the creative and hands-on approach to my marketing job, meeting with lots of new people and learning valuable skills I could take home with me. I was always super busy, (whether I was skiing, working or socialising) which meant the months flew past.

The end of the season came and before I knew it I was back on British soil. Not wanting to have to move back in with my parents for too long (who would?), I decided to move down to the buzzing city of Brighton. This is where I first came across Seed. I knew I wanted to continue with the marketing path I had started in France, so took to the web for some inspiration. I found Seed’s website at the top of a few Google searches (benefits of powerful SEO) and loved what I saw online, so I decided to send an email in the hope they were looking for an employee like me! I suppose the rest is history, and here I am loving my journey working with everyone at Seed.

Life with Seed

At Seed I am a member of the SEO team, working on multiple clients alongside my colleagues. Everyone here has the same driven mentality, always striving to work to the best of their capability to produce great results for clients. Seed has been a fun and creative environment to work and grow in, with new skills to learn and develop every day. The variety of clients we work on has meant that no two days have ever been the same!

4 months into life in Brighton, I have made some fantastic friends at Seed who I have enjoyed spending time with both in and out of the office. I am thrilled that my skill set has expanded and my knowledge of SEO & Digital Marketing, in general, has continued to grow.


Joining Seed – Maisie

I’m Maisie, I recently started at Seed (3ish months ago!). I moved back down to Brighton, having lived here whilst I was at university – I couldn’t keep away! I love living by the sea and am already counting down the days until Summer (I don’t think I’m alone).

Life Before Seed

After moving back home after my degree at the University of Brighton I couldn’t wait to get back. Whilst I was back home I worked as a copywriter and then account executive for a digital marketing agency, working on all aspects of digital from email to SEO to content to PPC, between dashing back to Brighton working for Brighton Fashion Week when I could!

Whilst working for Brighton Fashion Week it ignited my passion for the environment and also showed me how much I loved Brighton! All of this experience in my career allowed me to come back to Brighton and choose a job I love – which is when my path first crossed with Seed.

Life With Seed

Although a smaller company, Seed had a great atmosphere and I instantly got a good feeling when I came for my first interview here. Everyone was really friendly and really nice. Fast forward 3 months and I had moved into a new flat and was about to start a new job at seed as an Account Manager in the SEO team.

Fast forward again and I have now been here 3 months – but it feels a lot longer (in a good way!). I work alongside a great team here with everyone having a great range of skillsets – therefore teamwork is greatly encouraged so that we can bounce ideas around creatively.

As an Account Manager, I have a set of accounts that I manage ensuring that I meet their requirements with any queries or questions they may have on a daily basis. I provide reports and strategies in order to meet their goals and objectives.

Seed is a really fun, creative and social company that always supports learning and growth which is great. It is really important to me to be in a role that I am constantly growing and bettering my career which allows me to progress and I believe that with Seed I can do that – surrounded by a great group of people too. 

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