In Time For International Women’s Day 2019

Annie Jackson

Annie Jackson

March 8, 2019

4 mins read

Hot on topic, Nike’s latest advert is sure to make an impact this International Women’s Day

Nike have launched their latest ad campaign ‘Dream Crazier’ and it is an understatement to say it’s been successful. The advert, which features Serena Williams as a narrator, was released in February 2019 and less than a month in it has already been the centre of a lot of attention. With International Women’s Day receiving more publicity and support than ever before, Nike have chosen wisely with this subject for the basis of their advert strategy.


A Quick Overview

Nike has done it again with ‘Dream Crazier’. This well-timed and well-developed advertisement piece is really giving people something to talk about. The ad features women in sport, all ridiculed for acting a certain way or wanting a certain thing. Narrated by the much-loved tennis star Serena Williams, the video questions why women are subject to a certain stigma and judgement in the sporting world. Serena encourages women that if they are to be called ‘crazy’ in their involved sports, they need to go out and show the world just what ‘crazy’ can do. And, it is impressive!


The Internet Impact

The new ad, which first ran during the 2019 Oscars has created a whirlwind effect across the internet and social media. Twitter, in particular has seen a huge influx in engagement, with over 30.4 million views, 445K likes, 193K re-tweets and 5.8K comments. People across the globe have engaged with the post, not only because of the many famous faces but because the ad touches on topic that is so current: International Women’s Day. The comments have exploded with debates surrounding equality of women and have brought to light the unjust that many female athletes face.

Nike has perfectly demonstrated how brands can increase online status amongst customers by aligning their strategies with wider global issues. Sometimes not campaigning solely on the brand itself and being brave enough to move away to a more in-direct issue can really make a difference. The ‘Dream Crazier’ ad has gone viral across all social media platforms, and it wouldn’t be a surprise to see Nike’s sale figures spike to mirror this.


The Question Beneath the Ad

Nike has cleverly launched the ad campaign in time for international Women’s Day, raising the question Why are women perceived so differently in sport? Nike’s success in getting viewers to question this and leaving them thinking after they have finished watching the new video exquisitely demonstrates what truly makes a good ad campaign. Not just filling users social space with pretty pictures and generic posts, but bringing them something new, something questioning and something gripping!

Far too much now we see repetitive social strategies rolled out time and time again by big brands, but Nike has come in and stole the limelight from its competitors by being different. Personally, watching this advert sent shivers up my spine and left me speechless. Being able to get viewers (both men and women)  talking about International Women’s Day and the topics it brings is remarkably powerful. It is something that Nike and its digital agencies have pulled off, putting themselves right in the forefront of people’s minds on this special day of the year.


Leave An Impression This International Women’s Day

Whether you are a big brand with a large budget or a smaller business with a small budget – anything is possible.

Taking a social strategy back to basics and really delving into issues businesses think their customers care about is simple! You don’t need a big budget to adjust campaigns. You need a great team of creative people, who care about the world they live in, and a great digital marketing agency who can help guide the strategic direction with invaluable industry knowledge. Don’t let Nike be the only brand to guide the discussion this International Women’s Day, every business should use this nationally recognised day to their advantage. Remember, it is not only women who can make a difference this International Women’s Day. This is a movement to shine a light and make a different – let’s make a start!  

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