Aligning Your SEO Strategy with Best Practices

Maisie Franklin

Maisie Franklin

April 25, 2019

4 mins read

Long gone are the days where you could cram a paragraph full of keywords onto your website and wake up the next day to find your website on page one of Google. With its continuous Algorithm updates and changes, Google has become more advanced and learnt through our search behaviour online. Now, as SEO’s we have to work harder and smarter to rank on the world’s largest search engine on the internet.


Working Harder & Smarter with Google

As Google has become more technologically advanced and automated – expecting only the best – we are learning to deliver the best. As SEO’s it has challenged us to become experts in our field as well as learn more skills outside of the ever-evolving SEO world. We are constantly challenged by Google to adapt and stay up to date with best practices.

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The Latest Best Practises

As previously mentioned, we can no longer and we should no longer think about ‘SEO’ as one singular activity of digital marketing, instead think of it as one cog in a machine.

As Google has become more advanced, it now takes into consideration many other factors that all help to impact and improve your SEO together. Google confirmed that links and quality content are the top two of the three most important ranking factors for SEO. However, it is key that we ask ourselves the following questions when writing content and sourcing links:

Content: Is it relevant? Is it the right type of content? Is it adding value to the reader? Does it inform and educate?

Links: Are they from websites with a high domain authority? Are they relevant to your industry?

Content is still King?

Bill Gates made the ‘Content is King’ statement nearly two decades ago, and since then there has been some doubt about how important content is to contributing towards SEO. However, as we head towards the second quarter of the year in 2019 – CONTENT IS STILL KING and is at the forefront of many digital marketing strategies. Having said this, it is not a one size fits all approach. You should create a bespoke plan to suit your business, writing unique and engaging content to add value to the visitors of your website.

Great content should act as a canvas for your keyword research – building up resources to inform and educate your visitors about your services and products.


Building Links

You have created content, it answers the queries that people are searching for, search engines can understand it, and it has started to creep up in the search rankings, but it still needs an extra boost. Why? Search engines are a very competitive market and unfortunately, content alone doesn’t mean that it will outrank all of the other competition.

In order to get your website favoured by Google it is key to establish some authority. This is done by earning links from websites that already have a good domain authority (30+), building your brand and connecting with your audience. This is why it is so important to spend the time writing quality content, in order to then build links to this content. Websites with a good domain authority will want to share or engage with high quality content that is relevant rather than content that is flat and will not be engaging to their audience.

Tip: If you missed the paragraph before about why content is king, take a read 🙂

Rounding Up

The key takeaway from this is that we should stop looking at content, SEO and links as three separate entities, and instead look at how we can incorporate this into one seamless strategy. After visiting BrightonSEO last week this was even more supported by each speaker – giving us SEO tips and tricks on how to tie the three together.

If you would like any advice on Content, Link Building, SEO – or how to incorporate all three into your strategy, please contact the Seed Team to see how we can help!

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