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As a digital marketing agency, Seed is always looking for ways to widen our reach and improve engagement. While paid social is among our key services, we also understand the importance of organic social to widen our brand awareness and improve engagement – be it for potential clients or aspiring talents.

The challenge for any brand at any given point in time is to “get yourself out there”. This is especially true when it comes to seasonal occasions when all the big brands are putting big bucks into their marketing and the landscape becomes heavily saturated. So as part of New Year 2022 celebrations, Seed wanted to do something that would exercise our creative muscles but also achieve the perpetual goal of getting ourselves out there.

The Creative Idea

Instagram Augmented Reality (AR) Filters are known to have many benefits, including showcasing a brand’s personality, encouraging user generated content, and having trackable organic metrics. As such, we saw it as the perfect solution for an organic social media campaign for New Year 2022 celebrations.

We built an Instagram AR filter that ‘predicts’ what will become of you in the coming year. The design features some of Seed’s key branding elements and the overall tone reflects that of our team’s cheeky, silly, and fun-loving culture. To promote the launch of the filter, we put together a teaser video that was published organically on Seed’s Instagram feed and story.

The Results

From Dec 2021 to May 2022, Seed’s Instagram AR Filter have generated impressive results. For an account that reaches <1000 accounts every month, having generated 211.4k uses and 37.8k captures over a period of 6 months is quite a feat. This is especially considering that the only investment we’ve had to make for the Instagram AR Filter is design and development and that we didn’t have to create ads to push circulation.

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