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Oxford Säid Business School

957% increase in student recruitment for MBAs, EMBAs, and executive education programmes at Oxford Säid Business School.


Reduction in cost per conversion


Increase in conversion rate


Increase in global lead volume


How we increased leads by 957% and reduced cost per conversion by 83%

We were initially approached by Oxford Säid Business School to review their Google Ads accounts because there were questions over the performance their externally managed Paid Search activity at the time.

We understood that we needed to help Säid Business School stand out in a competitive sector. Our focus was on targeting the right audience, improving the quality of leads globally across multiple programmes including MBA, Executive MBA, Diplomas and other Executive Education courses.

When we brought Seed in they started at less than zero and put a huge amount of work into sorting out our accounts and unpicking legacy complexity. They’re now an extended part of our team. Everyone enjoys working with them and the results speak for themselves.

Iain Harper

Head of Digital, University of Oxford

Our Approach

Once we got access to the accounts, our biggest initial challenge was unravelling a complex account structure set up by another agency and correctly attributing leads to the right channels.

We started by restructuring the entire Google Ads account and segmenting one single account into multiple accounts for each programme. In addition to daily management of campaigns targeting a global audience, we also:

  • Segmented all campaigns by brand vs. non-brand search terms
  • Segmented all campaigns by geo-targeted region
  • Daily audience targeting modification and bid management
  • Launched Bing Ads as a new channel
  • Launched GSP (Gmail Sponsored Promotions)
  • Launched YouTube Ads
  • Re-launched Display Ads
  • Used observational audiences to define remarketing lists
  • Moved top-performing campaigns into automated bidding models

What about the results?

  • Increased lead conversion rate from 0.05% to 3%.
  • Reduced cost per lead by 83%.
  • 957% increase in amount of generated leads.

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Since restructuring the account from the ground up, we’ve seen an increase in conversion rate from 0.05% to 3% (+5,980%), 957% increase in the amount of leads generated, and a reduction of 83% in the cost of a brochure download (CPA).

In addition to improving overall campaign performance, we’ve worked closely with the programme recruitment teams to bridge the gap between leads and enrolments. Ultimately this ensured that attribution is correctly tracked between CRM and digital marketing channels, creating a feedback loop between paid search activity and programme enrolment.

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